Holland Casino Venlo is an organically shaped eye-catcher along the motorway

Holland Casino Venlo opens the doors to the iconic building next Thursday, July 7th. The parametric design of MVSA Architects refers to the Dutch flower industry; In addition, the design combines cradle-to-cradle principles with a special user experience.

MVSA designed the Holland Casino Venlo building as an abstract flower, where the outer sepals formed the ground and the building itself the crown. The building is thus inviting, visible from the highway. Due to its location near the German border, the casino serves as a ‘welcome to Holland’ sign for the many German guests, says the architectural firm.

Colorful game with chips
The color-changing façade further contributes to the building as an eye-catcher for passers-by and visitors. The facade is equipped with a lattice of round glass shavings, interrupted with a lattice of smaller metal shavings. Due to the special coating, the metal shavings change color as you move along the building, ensuring a vibrant image during the day, especially when viewed from the highway.

The glass shavings are mounted on the facade at different angles, so that it just blows out. Depending on the need for daylight, the facade can also be opened locally. The glass shavings are equipped with LEDs so that the facade lights up in the evening and highlights the floral-shaped structure of the volume. The LED facade is dynamic and programmable.

Organically formed
Holland Casino Venlo has been designed integrated, explains MVSA. A concept has been developed based on an overall vision of architecture and sustainability, where a natural connection between landscape, architecture and interior has been sought. The building’s organic forms extend to the landscape, also beyond the boundaries of the planning area.

A generous ramp with stairs, flanked by lush greenery, marks the entrance with ‘Las Vegas allure’. Once inside, the visitor is guided through the casino in a natural way, to the heart of the building. Also in the interior, which MVSA has designed in collaboration with the agency Gensler from Las Vegas, the lighting always highlights the liquid shapes.

The inviting and spacious entrance hall includes reception and cloakroom, located on either side of the entrance to the casino. The ramp to game floor is flanked by so-called ‘digital portals’, which aim to bring visitors in the right mood with colorful images. The pictures are coordinated with the colors of the facade of the building.

The bar and the play floors
The heart of the flower is centrally located in the atrium. Here, the roof structure – constructed of laminated wooden beams – rises from the stem. This construction forms the large sculptural petal, which gives the building its characteristic appearance. In the evening, the roof wooden structure forms a stylized starry sky in the interior.

The central stem winds around the flower stalk and extends over different levels of the building. The table games and roulette tables are located around the bar. Like the leaves of a flower, the other features of the casino lie around this.

The bar has a private seating area on par with game floor and an open seating area on the floor. On the floor they are different play areas connected by a series of bridges, which offer views of the play floor below. These visual relationships increase the spaciousness of the building.

Sustainability is part of the integrated design. Rainwater is collected in the lime on the flower-shaped roof and used for the greywater system, for example for toilet flushing. The wood comes from sustainably managed forests, the architectural firm reports. Wood fibers are used as insulation material in the outer walls.

According to MVSA, relatively little concrete has been used and recycled material where possible. The roof is fitted with solar cell foil. The flower-shaped sculptures in the parking lot not only serve as awnings, but also catch wind for the purpose of ventilating the building.

The total floor area of ​​the building is almost 9,900 m2† the entire planning area is 28,000 m². For landscape design, MVSA collaborated with Arcadis and R’odor. Arcadis was also involved in the sustainability concept and was responsible for the design and engineering of construction, acoustics and installations.

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