Juniper Networks helps operators achieve sustainable growth through the Cloud Metro application

Juniper Networks, provider of secure, AI-powered networks, today unveiled a range of innovative networking solutions that support their Cloud Metro vision and strategy. These new solutions are optimized for metro networks and help operators achieve sustainable business growth. In traditional metro networks, the focus is on network equipment. They are also burdened by the high demands for scalability, flexibility and user experience that the great digital transformation and emergence of 5G services entails.

The new suite of networking solutions is supported by cloud-powered and AI-powered automation features. These are specially developed for setting up advanced Cloud Metro infrastructures. The solutions contribute to a dramatic reduction in the consumption of natural resources and provide tools and simplified practices that ease the workload of network administrators. They also offer built-in service security functionality and security features that contribute to optimal networking experiences.

What makes Juniper’s new Cloud Metro systems unique is the design of their power supply, which contributes to energy efficiency. This allows you to automatically disable unused features and Packet Forwarding Engines (PFEs). Detachable modular power shelf design reduces electronic waste. It also extends the life of the systems by making it possible to increase the bandwidth by a factor of 48 within the same chassis. This design has been certified in titanium by CLEAResult based on its 80 Plus program. This makes it the first and only power module for subway network equipment with such a rating.

The future-proof scalability, capacity, performance and smart functionality of Juniper’s Cloud Metro systems eliminate traditional 7-12 year network lifecycles and the need for major replacements. Pay as you go models and a wide range of interface options allow operators to tailor their network investments to demand in a business-friendly way.

The advanced use of artificial intelligence and cloud-powered network automation helps operators simplify their daily workflows. They can implement new network services faster by onboarding equipment in minutes instead of hours, reducing the number of error tickets and shortening time-to-service for faster earnings. All of this contributes to significant productivity gains and enables network engineers and administrators to achieve more. This is crucial for employee satisfaction and retention of networking talents.

The new networking solutions offer up to 71 percent lower total cost of ownership thanks to the use of the latest generation of chipsets, industry-leading system design and AI-powered Device-onboarding-as-a-Service functionality. Zero trust security is built into the network systems instead of being added subsequently. The same applies to options for service insurance. These contribute to proactive processes around testing, monitoring and improving network services.

Overview of the new solutions:

• Juniper Paragon Automation as a Service is the industry’s first AI-powered cloud-based suite of network automation solutions. These solutions deliver instant value by reducing time-to-service from months to minutes and reducing Mean Time to Know (MTTK) and Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR).

Juniper AI-enabled Device Onboarding-as-a-Service is the first networking solution that utilizes Juniper Paragon Automation as a Service to dramatically reduce the time it takes to build network devices.

• The Juniper Networks ACX7000 Series includes durable, high-performance network systems with an innovative adaptive power supply that contributes to up to 77 percent lower power consumption. The systems provide an improvement in space efficiency of up to 64 percent and offer a 4 to 7 longer lifespan than competing solutions. The series also offers the industry’s fastest router line card, the highest 400GE density and fabric capacity per second. slot and 21.6 Tbps throughput based on 54 400GE ports. The solutions in this series are therefore ready for 800G and everything that comes after.

• The Juniper Paragon Active Assurance test agents are part of JUNOS OS Evolved, a network operating system running on all ACX7000 Series models. These test agents transform the cloud-metro network into a distributed sensor that enables proactive delivery of optimal networking experiences. This eliminates the need to implement additional standalone hardware network probes. The new 5G UE / gNB emulation option allows operators to simulate network traffic for both the administration layer and the user layer. This allows them to ensure that all parts of the 5G network meet the requirements of the applicable service level agreement.

• The principles of zero trust security and cyber threat prevention, detection and analysis features that are part of Juniper’s Connected Security offering are applied to all components of the Juniper Cloud Metro solution. Unique cryptographic digital identities are used in the Cloud Metro structure of IP services based on the Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0) standard. This allows for the certification of network equipment and secure delivery without human intervention (sZTP) complying with the Comment Request (RFC) guidelines. The solutions also use file encryption and the MACsec protocol to keep data secure during storage and transfer. This holistic zero-confidence approach is enhanced by Paragon’s ability to automatically verify security status and operation within networks equipped with ACX 7000 equipment.

The Juniper Networks 400G ZR / ZR + series optical modules are designed to help operators achieve cost savings by consolidating optical and IP network layers with cohesive plug-in optical transceiver modules. Integrating 400G ZR / ZR + Digital Coherent Optics (DCO) removes a complete layer of DWDM terminals from the equation. These optical modules are fully compatible with OpenZR + and OIF specifications.

The AI-powered Paragon Automation-as-a-Service will be available in the first half of the 2023 ACX7000 series:

ACX7100-32C, ACX7100-48L, ACX7509 – available immediately
ACX7024 – available for order now, available in Q3 2022
ACX7908, ACX7348 – can be ordered from the first half of 2023

Paragon Active Assurance built into Juniper’s solutions – available in the second half of 2022

Built-in zero-confidence security with SaaS-based certification – available in the first half of 2023

Juniper 400G ZR / ZR + series optical transceiver modules – can be ordered and available Q3 2022

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