News: Ford Bronco arrives in Europe

The front features the distinctive full-width grille, round headlights and the model name with distinctive letters. This creates a clear visual link to the first generation. The body panels are designed so that the outer corners are clearly visible from inside the car, which is useful when maneuvering under challenging terrain conditions.

The Bronco also has many simple and smart details, such as the bolted plastic interior fenders and “track sights”: swollen areas on top of the fenders that help the driver see the corners of the vehicle. They can also serve as attachment points for lashing larger objects. They can have a force of up to 68 kg.

Bronco comes with a removable hardtop, complete with noise-canceling ceiling cladding for greater comfort on longer trips. The hard top is divided into four panels, the first two of which can be stored on board in special storage bags. All doors can be completely removed in eight minutes with one tool. In addition to fresh air and ultimate freedom, this provides an even better overview of the terrain. The overall weight of the doors is low due to the use of frameless windows that make them light enough to be removed. The doors can also be taken in special bags after removal. The doors can be reassembled in a few minutes. The exterior mirrors are located on the side screens so that they are retained when the doors are removed.

Bronco has several detachable elements, allowing for both customization and improved off-road performance. The grill and front bumper can also be removed and replaced with alternative variants. The plastic screens are easy and quick to replace if necessary after a hard trip in the terrain.

Bronco has several hidden details that highlight this model’s legacy: hidden Bronco logos, an image illustrating the original 1966 model series, a bottle opener built into the interior, and hidden GPS coordinates for locations used for testing during the development of Bronco.

The “terrain management system”, which enables the driver to select the mode for the respective conditions, is essential to implement the comprehensive off-road capabilities. In addition to on-road modes like Normal, Eco, Sport and Slippery, special GOAT off-road modes are available: Mud / Ruts, Sand and the rally-inspired Baja mode. In each mode, throttle response, gearbox shift times and steering response are optimized for the best performance.

Ford Bronco

Bronco is available with an electronic transfer case that allows you to switch from two- to four-wheel drive while driving and choose high or low range. An alternative is an electromechanical transmission box with high and low ranges and an automatic mode. In this mode, the system can easily switch between two- and four-wheel drive, depending on the conditions. A lockable rear differential is standard, a lockable front differential and a system for deactivating the stabilizer bar (for maximum off-road traction) are available as an option.

Bronco also offers a “Trail Toolbox”, which consists of a number of off-road techniques. For example, the driver can use “Trail Control”, which works in the same way as cruise control. The driver can select a speed of up to 31 km / h, and the vehicle then automatically controls acceleration and braking to maintain the selected speed, while the driver only has to concentrate on steering through difficult terrain.

“Trail Turn Assist” regulates the driving force per. wheels by individually controlling the brakes. This makes it possible to reduce the turning circle by up to 40 percent when off-road driving in tight conditions. “Trail One-Pedal Drive” then allows the driver to accelerate and brake using only the accelerator pedal. This makes it easier to precisely control the speed when driving in challenging terrain. To make driving with (large) trailers easier, the toolbox is also equipped with “AdvanceTrac” with “Roll Stability Control” and “Trailer Sway Control”.

Under the skin, the Bronco is built on a strong steel chassis with seven crossbars for the necessary rigidity in all conditions. Spectacular off-road features lie ahead thanks to a hefty suspension.

Bronco has the High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension (HOSS), which consists of independent support arms with coil springs at the front, which reduces the unsprung weight by up to 20 percent compared to a live axle. This configuration also promises adequate ride quality and consistent ground contact. At the rear there is a rigid five-way rear axle with height-variable springs. Powerful shock absorbers are fitted all around. The available 17-inch and 18-inch alloy wheels are equipped with off-road tires for a comfortable ride on the paved road and off-road performance.

Ford Bronco

As an option, there are additional protection components, such as front and bottom guards and extra guards for the engine, transmission, transmission box and fuel tank. The side beams, which are also available as an option, are strong enough to carry the weight of the vehicle if the threshold hits the ground under extreme conditions. Front and rear drag eyes are standard, and the super strong steel roof beam is fitted with integrated curtain airbags. The seats are equipped with side airbags and there are of course front airbags on board.

The instrument panel is inspired by first-generation Bronco with natural colors and materials that are not only beautiful but also stand out in durability. The dashboard and center console have passenger handles to provide extra grip in off-road conditions. In addition, the center console is equipped with a wireless charger, which also holds a smartphone in place at extreme angles. The dashboard is washable. The contacts are silicone sealed and rubber coated to protect them from the weather and wind, while being easy to clean.

An 8-inch TFT display in the instrument panel provides information and in the center group is a 12-inch LCD touch screen with the latest generation of SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system. SYNC 4 utilizes Ford Power-Up wireless software updates to maintain functionality over time.

Bronco also offers additional mounting points on top of the dashboard for a special stand for safe and robust storage of cameras or mobile phones. The devices can be charged with the integrated 12-volt and USB power connections. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard on the Bronco, along with a B&O Premium Sound System with 10 speakers with a subwoofer. The system integrates seamlessly with the available FordPass app. When it gets tough, the Bronco provides extra visibility thanks to the standard 360-degree camera system with off-road spotter views. It provides a unique view of the wheels, something that is not normally possible from the driver’s seat.

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