Grandma Monica worried about four days of teaching week: “The children are not given enough thought”

An acute shortage of teachers, resulting in a four-day week of teaching. The first primary school children in special education will receive fewer lessons in the coming school year. Grandma Monica has a granddaughter with autism. He is taught in the special education at DynamicaXL Tjotterlaan. She finds it hard to keep looking and expresses her concerns in the hope that something will change anyway. And she’s not alone. Zaandam municipality also calls for action from The Hague: “This is a serious signal,” a spokesman said.

Photo for illustration – Grandmother teaches child to read – Pexels / Mikhail Nilov

“The school’s problem is thrown on the parents’ plate,” Monica says the news about the four-day school week. Due to the acute shortage of teachers, he gets fewer lessons. And that while the kids need special attention.

Zaanstad municipality also expresses its concern: “The fact that the schools feel compelled to spend a four-day school week is another signal that something really needs to be done,” said a spokesman for the municipality.

All hands on deck

DynamicaXL Tjotterlaan is not the only school in special education that is struggling to complete the occupation. School umbrella organizations in North Holland confirm that there are almost no teachers to be found. Likewise, Heliomare, which includes several special schools all hands on deck to find enough teachers.

NH Nieuws has previously made a report on the change next school year on DynamicaXL. The text continues below the video.

Several four-day school weeks are expected in the new school year at Zaanse schools – NH Nieuws

“He’s been thriving since he started this school,” Grandma Monica says of her granddaughter. Now that he can go to school less next school year, she is seriously concerned about his well-being. She’s afraid he’s going to be upset.

Study days and the absence of teachers have an immediate effect. “It hits the spot every time. It’s not good for my grandson. There is too little thought about the children.”

Impact on the whole family

According to the concerned grandmother, the school must ensure that the children receive education and not the parents. According to her, the four-day teaching week has an effect on the whole family. Also to the other kids: “It all goes through.”

As a grandmother, Monica likes to lend a helping hand to her granddaughter’s parents, but it’s hard to combine with her work. According to Monica, both parents’ employer has had enough. It is still unclear how the family will resolve the situation, but one thing is for sure, it will be difficult.

“Someone should probably work less”

Monica, worried grandmother

“They’re busy looking at it,” Monica explains. “Someone should probably work less.” And it has the necessary financial consequences, she explains. “The school’s problem is so solved, but of course not for all families.”

Zaanstad municipality indicates that the national shortage of teachers certainly has their attention. “As a municipality, we try to support the school boards as much as possible. For example, we have focused on recruiting, training and coaching sideways and we try to make the education subject more attractive, for example by prioritizing housing.”

Empire turns key knobs

However, the municipality’s influence is limited, the spokesman said. “The government actually controls the most important buttons here. They are also about the statutory teaching time that a school must comply with.” This is also the case at the school in Zaanstad.

Monica has no real solution. She believes that different teachers in front of the class are always better than no class. “It does not work well for me, but there should be a solution so that the children can go to school every day.”

The Danish Education Authority’s response

The Danish Education Authority informs NH Nieuws by telephone that it is currently in negotiations with the board of DynamicaXL. In addition, they state that the law prescribes a five-day school week with the exception of seven weeks, which can be used for study days, among other things.

When a school is unable to meet this legal requirement, they must submit an action plan setting out how they intend to resolve the issue as soon as possible. They must also indicate how children with additional support needs are monitored in the meantime, and how they ensure that children’s development is not interrupted and the quality of education is ensured.

The Danish Education Authority takes the current circumstances into account, but the number of teaching days must be reduced to the legal level of five as soon as possible.

The full name of Grandma Monica is known to the editors.

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