brothers Kevin (34) and Sven (30) get Haarlem children moving again

Kevin (34) and Sven Boelsma (30) are enthusiastic brothers who love sports. And they like to share that passion with children during their after-school sports care in Schalkwijk. Their goal? Get kids off those screens and get them moving outside again.

Kevin and Sven first did this work in Amsterdam. There they saw how successful it was. Sven: “Children are more likely to choose a tablet than to play outside; something that has been amplified by the corona. That is why parents – especially in the cities – are looking for ways to get their children to exercise more, preferably in nature. ”

When Kevin settled in Schalkwijk, there were hardly any leisure activities in Haarlem. After a while he got tired of commuting to Amsterdam and started itching. Kevin laughs: “Sven and I said to each other: how cool would it be if we could set it up for kids in Haarlem in our backyard!”

Cool After School starts

The brothers looked around the neighborhood and their eyes fell on the hockey club Saxenburg. A place with the facilities they were looking for: artificial turf pitches, a large interior space and a secure fence. On September 28, 2020, their sports home went Fed after school started here with 19 children. They now take care of 67 children a week and stand, with no fewer than 62 waiting places on Mondays. Kevin: “We had never dreamed that it would go so well so fast. Soon we will go from 20 to 30 children a day. In doing so, we keep a really close eye on the fact that we continue to offer the same quality and that everyone has it fun. ”

Kevin and a little athlete. Photo: neighborhood Haarlem

Sum wrestling

The brothers send out a monthly newsletter with the sports planned. There are many surprises in between. Sven: “Children usually follow their friends when they choose sports. For example, you see that boys often play football and hockey is popular among girls. Most children do not even know what other sports there are. It’s a shame, because there is so much to choose from. “

No sport is too crazy here. Think fencing, archery, skateboarding, basket ball, golf, climbing, trampoline, kickboxing and an assault course. Even sumo wrestling in the suits comes with.

The sport is often linked to the season. For example, you can snowboard in the winter and choose boulesKubbcroquet and volleyball. During Formula 1, they ride go-karts and during the Tour de France with balance bikes. Sven laughs: “If only we had such a nice sports center in the past!”

During Formula 1, the children drive go-karts. Photo: neighborhood Haarlem

Behavior and nutrition

Every day they pick up the children with the black and red cargo bikes from school. The kids get healthy snacks for the necessary energy. Such as fruits, vegetables or bread. There is no room for sugar in the brothers. Kevin: “Exercise and healthy nutrition are the building blocks of your future. It would be crazy if we offer sports without an eye for healthy food. ”

Every day Kevin and Sven pick up the children with the black and red cargo bikes from the school. Photo: neighborhood Haarlem

Of course, Kevin and Sven would love it if kids later joined a sport through them. They emphasize that they especially want to help children develop as human beings. Sven: “Sport is the ideal method for this. You learn to work together, to perform in a team and to treat each other with respect. You also learn to deal with setbacks, because of course you can not always win. We hope this will really help the kids in the future. ”

Happy colleagues

The boys notice from everything that is established Fed after school was a good decision. There is pleasant contact with parents, GGD and also with each other. Kevin: “We can decide everything ourselves and complement each other perfectly.” Thankfully, the brothers do not suffer from an obsession problem. Sven: “We are very happy for our colleagues Marina and Mike. We would never have had such great success without them. They represent the same quality that we do, and we are very proud of that. ”


The brothers envisage expansion in the future: more locations in Haarlem, provided they can guarantee quality. First, expand the current location. And in addition to the busy work week with all the children, making plans for the future and their own family life, the energetic boys also find time to exercise. Sven laughs: “There are 24 hours a day, so we take them!”

BSO Cool Continuation School

Boerhaavelaan 47 (place HMHC Saxenburg), 2035 RB Haarlem

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