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From 9 to 18 September 2022, the Film by the Sea Film Festival will experience its 24th edition, and a wide audience can enjoy more than 100 films from all corners of the world with satellite programs throughout Zealand. This year’s jury, which awards the Film & Literature Prize for ‘Best Book Adaptation’, consists of filmmaker Mijke de Jong (chairman of the jury), actor Victor Löw, author and journalist Vamba Sherif and the Flemish film journalist and cabaret artist Roel van Bambost. A fifth judge will be announced later. Film by the Sea opens this year with the high-profile British comedy Good luck to you, Leo Grandewhere Emma Thompson plays a middle-aged woman who hires a sex worker.

The backbone of Film by the Sea is formed by bogatizations, of which a selection of eight titles is judged in competition by the professional jury. In addition, a jury will judge eight French-language films that will be shown in the competition Long live the cinema!† This jury consists of film distributor and producer Sara Höhner (chairman), singer Britta Maria and cultural attaché Friso Wijnen. Prizes will also be awarded by a youth jury, an international student jury and three juries from Zeeland.

Opening film Good luck to you, Leo Grande
After sparkling ninja baby from last year, Film by the Sea reopens with a high-profile film where the female gaze is central. Good luck to you, Leo Grande is the story of Nancy Stokes, a middle-aged widow who hires a young male sex worker. Two-time Oscar winner Emma Thompson steals the show in this high-profile comedy that is much more than just that. In the skilled hands of screenwriter Katy Brand and director Sophie Hyde, but certainly also thanks to Thompson’s co-star Daryl McCormack, it in itself becomes a banal fact to a plan for sex and aging in our present time. The film is funny, moving, sexy, brave and naughty in a way that only the British can. Good luck to you, Leo Grandeshot in corona time, Emma Thompson could just bring her third Oscar.

Instructor: Sophie Hyde | Manuscript: Katy Brand | With: Emma Thompson, Daryl McCormack, Isabella Laughland and others | Country: United Kingdom | Year: 2022 | Language: English | Subtitles: Dutch | Duration: 97 min.

The expert jury
Mijke de Jong (chairman of the jury)
Mijke de Jong is a film director and screenwriter. Her first full-length film Hartverzaadd (1992) was selected by festivals around the world and won the special jury prize in Locarno and the prize for Dutch film criticism. Bluebird (2004) received the Crystal Bear in Berlin. Interim (2007) won three gold calves from six nominations and Broos (1997) also won a gold calf. De Jong’s film Layla M (2016) was the Dutch Oscar submission and has been sold worldwide to Netflix. De Jong has also directed a number of TV series and films, including Ik ben Willem and Uitsluit (2001). In 2021, Mijke de Jong received the Golden Calf for film culture during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht for her services to Dutch film. Earlier this year, De Jong’s twelfth feature film, Along the Way, was released based on the story of twin sisters Nahid and Malileh from Iran, whom she met while volunteering at the Moria refugee camp on Lesbos.

Victor Low
Victor Löw is a Dutch theater and film actor. He plays his first film role in Noorderlingen (1991) by Alex van Warmerdam. A year later, he landed a starring role in The Three Best Things in Life. He starred in the Oscar-winning films Antonia (1995) and Character (1997) and won a Golden Calf for his role in Lek (2000). On television, Löw could be seen in series such as Spangen, Kees & Co, We are not going home yet and De Pooi. Löw also played the passionate football coach Arjan Duivendrecht in the series Voetbalvrouwen. On stage, he plays major roles in, among others, Soekarno, The Orator, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, The Darkroom of Damocles and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf ?. Earlier this year, Löw starred in the feature film The Revelation.

Vamba Sheriff
Vamba Sheriff is a writer, journalist, essayist and film critic. Sheriff was born in northern Liberia and grew up in Kuwait. He fled Kuwait during the first Gulf War and came to the Netherlands in 1993. His debut novel ‘The Land of the Fathers’ was published in 1999. He subsequently wrote several novels and published journalistic work, essays, stories, film reviews, columns and opinion pieces in, among others, The New York Times, the German Kulturaustausch, African Writing, Trouw, de Volkskrant, NRC and ZAM-Magazine. In 2018, he and Ebissé Rouw compiled the collection ‘Zwart’, a unique anthology of Afro-European literature from the low countries. His memoir ‘Unknown Love’ was published in April 2021, in which he tells his life story in letter form to his ten-year-old daughter.

Roel van Bambost
Raoul ‘Roel’ Van Bambost is a Flemish singer, film connoisseur and critic. He is known as half of the cabaret duo Miek and Roel. From 1991 to 2010, Van Bambost was a film reviewer for, among others, VRT. From 1991 to 1996 he presented the popular film program Première and made short contributions about films in Het Journaal. From 1985 to 1990, he was the presenter and compiler of the Filmspot program, in which filmmakers explained their productions. For his four-part series Celluloid Rock, on the use of rock music in movies, he was awarded HA! from Humo. In addition to the foregoing, Roel Van Bambost has for many years been a member of the board of Film Fest Gent, where he is now vice chairman.

Jury Vive le biografen!
Sara Hoehner (Chairman)
Höhner started his film career at the production company First Floor Features as PR manager for, among others, Abel, Lang leve de Koningin and the Dick Maas films Flodder og Amsterdamned. During the Wings of Fame recordings, she is also responsible for acting coaching by Peter O’Toole, Colin Firth, Marie Trintignant and William Hurt. After Character (1998) won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, Höhner decides to switch from feature film to documentary. As a producer with Pieter van Huystee, she works on films by Heddy Honigmann (Crazy, Da me la mano), Johan van der Keuken (The Great Holiday) and Ramon Gieling (Johan Cruijff – en un momento dado). In 2007, Höhner became director of Cinema Delicatessen, a distributor of documentaries and artistic films such as Nothing Personal (Urszula Antoniak) and The Best of IDFA on Tour. She was also a member of the project group, which developed a collective approach to the digitalisation of the Dutch film sector.

Britta Maria
Britta Maria is a singer and has been fascinated by French culture from an early age. She has made several theater concerts together with pianist / composer Maurits Fondse, where French chanson is central. She is currently touring the Netherlands with ‘Aznavour mon amour’, an ode to Charles Aznavour’s music and life. Together with Fondse, Britta Maria also makes her own compositions, Dutch chansons, which are clearly influenced by French chanson. Her first album will be released this fall, exclusively filled with her own material.

Friso vine
Friso Wijnen is head of culture and communications at the Dutch embassy in Paris, a position he previously held in Spain. His mission: to highlight Dutch art and culture in France and to strengthen networks and contacts between the Netherlands and France. Of course, his attention focuses on Paris, but certainly not only. Cities such as Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux, Strasbourg and Lyon also manifest themselves culturally, and the Dutch embassy searches for and finds connections there as well. In Paris, the embassy has its own location, Atelier Néerlandais, a platform for Dutch and French cultural creators and entrepreneurs to realize their own activities.

The artwork for the 24the the edition of Film by the Sea is designed by Vlissingen artist and designer Eva Bonneur. Her design was the winner of a competition organized last year by Film by the Sea with financial support from the province of Zeeland. For those who know Vlissingen, it will immediately be clear where Bonneur, who is Vlissingen himself, got his inspiration from. It is the first time in the history of Film by the Seas that the festival’s artwork has no photographic basis.

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