Round teats (like bibs) cause several jaw deviations and speech disorders

Many babies, toddlers and toddlers today walk around with a round nipple, such as the Bibs pacifier. They look colorful, but unfortunately the consequences are less beautiful. The round teats can lead to a jaw abnormality or speech disorder. That’s what experts say about the parenting platform family

When familyWhen Vera came to the pediatrician with her daughter, he immediately told her that she should throw away the round teat. Her daughter’s jaw would go crazy, the doctor said. The platform therefore toured various experts.

The dangers of a round (bib) teat

Floor Tjon-A-San from Speech Therapy Practice Oost in Amsterdam recognizes the problem immediately. “Let me state that no teat is good, but a large round teat like the popular Bibs round teat is really superlative,” Tjon-A-San said. family† ”The large head of the teat can narrow the jaw and can eventually lead to an open bite. This can be recognized on teeth that become ’round’ and create an opening when the jaws are squeezed. Children who use a round teat like this. ”

Example of the round Bibs sucking Source: Pexels

The problem is also known by preverbal speech therapist Maaske Treurniet from Volmondig Speech Therapist. “I myself work mainly with babies younger than six months, and this is not how it is seen yet, but I have certainly heard about it from colleagues,” says Treurniet to family† ”This applies not only to the Bibs pacifiers, but to all teats of this shape. It makes the tongue lie low, children show more open mouth behavior and are more likely to get an overbite. ”

In addition, the round Bibs natural rubber pacifiers, which many parents use, increase in size with prolonged use. “The bubble at the end gets bigger and bigger, and the bigger this bubble is, the more harmful it is. In addition, many children get so used to this big teat that they do not want another one.”

Andrea (surname known to the editors), who has worked in childcare for twenty years, also notes that it is easy to see which children are using a round pacifier. “In my class, three children have a (starting) open bite due to the large round Bibs pacifier. The other children use another teat, a so-called orthodontic teat. They are not bothered by the open bite. I can easily pick the teeth out of small children who use a round pacifier “, says Andrea.

Speech difficulties due to round Bibs pacifier

Not only does a jaw abnormality lurk, many children also suffer from speech disorders. “Think of lisps, for example,” says Tjon-A-San. “Lisp often has to do with the use of a round teat. For example, a lisp may be caused by weak tongue muscles, insufficient control of tongue motor skills and an open bite. The pen often occurs in combination with open-mouth behavior, in which children breathe through the mouth instead of the nose. The use of a large round teat can also cause an incorrect swallowing pattern. ”

Although speech therapists emphasize that no single teat is good for long-term use, there is certainly a difference. The so-called orthodontic teats, which are flatter, cause fewer problems, a smaller overbite and less open mouth behavior. This is also confirmed by scientific research. So if you want to use a teat for your baby, it is preferable to choose an orthodontic teat rather than a round teat.

Would you like such a nice Bibs pacifier? Then choose the Bibs Supreme pacifier, writes family† These pacifiers have the same fun colors as the round Bibs pacifiers, but have a different shape. These are not orthodontic teats, but they have a so-called natural shape. It makes them flatter and narrower, making them better than the regular Bibs pacifier. Bibs Supreme is available in a silicone variant and a natural rubber variant.

If you are not so attached to Bibs, it is still better to choose a real orthodontic pacifier.

Below you can see the difference between the regular Bibs and Bibs Supreme.

‘Is it bad if I’m not always consistent with my toddler?’

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Round teats (such as bibs) cause more jaw deviations and speech disorders in children

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