Studio HENK and Renewi launch a limited edition table made from waste wood

The Dutch design brand Studio HENK and the leading waste-to-product company Renewi joined forces to develop a unique limited edition dining table made from waste wood. The two companies combined their expertise and the end result was a Castle dining table made from 100% recycled softwood. The slot table is a popular design from the Studio HENK collection. With this, the two companies work together towards a sustainable future.

front runners

Two industrial pioneers join forces for a greater purpose. Renewi strives to be the leading waste-to-product company and focuses on extracting as much value as possible from waste instead of removing it from the chain through incineration or landfill. Circular design makes Studio HENK’s heart beat faster and their mission is to revolutionize the furniture industry from the inside out and make it completely waste-free in the future. The collaboration was created through their common sustainable ambitions and is an important next step in both companies’ journey towards a more sustainable future.

In developing the table, Renewi looked for the best way to select waste wood from the waste stream. Beams made of wood are selected from the debris with handles and nails and screws are accurately removed. Studio HENK focused on making this technique scalable for larger furniture productions. The recycled wood is then cut to the correct size and prepared for production, in this case a dining table.

At Renewi, we convert as many waste streams as possible into secondary raw materials every day. Together with partners in the chain, such as Studio HENK, we succeed in using these in new products“, Says Bert-Jan Westerik, Commercial Director Renewi Holland. †Cooperation is the key word here and both organizations place great emphasis on the transition to a circular economy. It makes it a matter of course for us that this tree also gets a new life. With our combined knowledge and experience, we are able to offer sustainable and practical recycling solutions. In this way, we jointly contribute to a cleaner, circular world where waste no longer exists.

Targeted design furniture

The castle dining table made from 100% recycled softwood is the result of a series of steps that Studio HENK took to become a more sustainable furniture brand. Studio HENK’s very first table was made of waste wood from Amsterdam’s canal houses, which they found on the street. In September 2020, Studio HENK created a biodegradable collection made from recycled materials – the Amoeba collection is made from LivingBoard: a material that comes from recycled FSC wood chips. Since October 2020, all the wood that Studio HENK uses in the production of dining tables, coffee tables, dining room benches, cabinets and sideboards is FSC- or PEFC-certified. Recently, the brand developed fully circular design principles for all of their future collections and runs their B corp certification application.

Corine de Bruijne, Head of Sustainability at Studio HENK: “We strongly believe in knowledge sharing and are always looking for partnerships that can create innovation in production processes or materials. This collaboration is certainly a very nice step in our journey to a waste-free furniture industry

The Slot dining table

The castle dining table is one of Studio HENK’s most popular existing designs. A refreshingly flat oval design with subtle round shapes. The recycled wood used for this table does not detract from the simplicity and refined look that is characteristic of Studio HENK. The table is available with a flat oval table top in the finishes natural light and black stain and can be put together in five sizes, from 2 to 3 meters long. Studio HENK and Renewi look together at how this production method can also be applied to other items in the collection in the future.

The limited edition table dining table made from 100% recycled softwood is available from € 2219 and exclusively for sale in the Studio HENK stores in the Netherlands and Belgium from next weekend, Saturday 8 July.

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