Child allowance up to 20 euros: what do we actually use it for? † NOW

About 20 euros extra child allowance per child: While the child allowance would prefer to remain the same, the government has decided to increase the contribution from 1 July. For some parents a much needed addition, for others an extra.

Either way, it’s a pleasant surprise for parents. The government has previously stated that it did not want to index child benefits before 2024, but that bill has been withdrawn due to current inflation. This means that the child allowance will again only be increased twice this year: once in July and once in January. The new amount will be credited to your account for the first time on October 1st.

“It’s remarkable,” said Gijsbert Vonk, a professor of social security law at the University of Groningen. “The government had plans to cut child benefits, but now the opposite is happening.”

According to the law, child benefit must be increased on the basis of the average price development, but this was deviated from by the government. This was already the case during the financial crisis, in 2012 and 2013. “Fortunately, families can now expect an increase again,” says Vonk.

What is the child allowance from 1 July 2022?

  • 0 to 5 years: 249.31 euros per. quarter
  • 6 to 11 years: EUR 302.74 per quarter
  • 12 to 17 years: 356.16 euros per. quarter

On the big hope or savings for the kids?

The importance of child benefit for families varies. Like how Dutch households handle money. “I always forget the child allowance,” admits parent Rick Bozelie. “The money goes into the joint checking account and goes to the big pile. We put money aside every month for the children, but we do not want to be dependent on child money in our spending pattern.”

Chantal Visserman puts the money in a savings account. “We think it is important to have some money for our son later. We save a large part of the amount and put it aside. He is also allowed to buy something of the money, because we want to make him aware of money and how to spend it. to go. “

“For us, the child allowance is an unexpected gain that we put aside.”

Daphne Oudmaijer, parent

Daphne Oudmaijer also puts the child allowance for her daughter in a savings account. “We pay everything from our current account. For us, the child allowance is a tailwind that we put aside.” Richella Bolleman, on the other hand, always spends the money. “Usually I spend $ 100 on child support on diapers, napkins and the like. I spend $ 200 to $ 300 on clothes for the boys, and I’m left with $ 50, sometimes I buy toys for them.”

What the child benefit was originally intended for

Originally, only working-class families with three or more children received child allowance. The salary was often not enough to support a family with more than two children. “Back then, employers paid a wage that they set themselves,” Vonk says. “Many workers were exploited.”

“Catholic community education advocated a fair income. People should have enough money to support themselves and their families. It made some industries pay surcharges, but it did not happen everywhere. To keep things going, the government has taken over. this from the early 1940s, “says Vonk.

In 1980, all laws in this area were merged into the current law on ordinary child benefit. This prescribes that everyone in the Netherlands is entitled to child allowance for their own children, stepchildren or foster children up to the age of sixteen or seventeen if they still go to school.

How to apply for child support

  • Have you reported your firstborn to the municipality? Then the municipality notifies SVB of the birth. Within two to four weeks, you will receive a letter telling you how to apply for child support.
  • Do not do anything for the children who may follow. SVB automatically adjusts the size of the child benefit after your child has registered with the municipality.

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