Ruth Groenewoud makes the difference with the Miss IQ Foundation

After her own experiences and after seeing poverty on her island, Ruth Groenewoud started a wonderful foundation: Miss IQ. It has been around for more than eleven years.

“We have been sending used school equipment, sports equipment and musical instruments from Dutch schools to schools in the Caribbean for more than nine years. This goes in sea containers to the ABC Islands. In recent years, we have already transported more than 75 containers to 43 schools. The Miss IQ Foundation thus offers children living in underprivileged situations a chance for a better future. ”

The Miss IQ Foundation is committed to pooling resources that help children develop their inner strength in a positive way. This has already resulted in support for primary schools in particular in Curaçao. These schools have scarce resources to renew their obsolete and often broken furniture.We supply them with furniture, blackboards, cupboards, books, sports and game material that we receive from schools in the Netherlands.The ‘discarded’ but still very good material gets a new life in the schools of Curaçao and Aruba.

This can be seen in the beneficial effect of the students, but also of the teachers, who can now work with good material. We are also involved in vulnerable children in the Netherlands. In many single parents, the financial situation is not prosperous. As a result, the children from these families miss out on a lot of things that classmates enjoy. Such as: going on a school trip, a laptop, being a member of a sports club, going to a music school, etc. ”

“We believe that every child should be able to grow up in a family where they are surrounded by love, respect and security. The emotional bond to your family is the strongest there is. With their unconditional love you learn to trust and love people, you learn to process loss and pain and you learn to make connections with the outside world. It is the foundation we all need to discover the world on our own. The Miss IQ Foundation believes that family love is a primary necessity of life, at least as important as shelter, food and medical care. Therefore, we try to ensure that as many children as possible grow up in a loving family. We do this by relieving families of financial worries, so that children have the least possible feeling that they are the cause of family problems. ”

“When I was about 21 years old and had just moved to the Netherlands, I was often alone. I did not dare to go out alone or use public transport. I had none and I had no one to fall back on. I also did not dare to admit that the life I had left the island for was disappointing. The people I got to know here in Holland were acquaintances, not friends I could trust. People accepted me, but continued to treat me like an outsider. ”

“Now, years later, I better understand Dutch culture. I no longer feel like a foreigner, but one of the Dutch. I give this to everyone, without feeling unwelcome for years or even having to figure out their way therefore, I want to help other Antilleans move forward and give children a carefree and loving childhood. ”

“To create a positive and stimulating learning environment for children (both here and in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands) to fully develop into healthy young adults who participate in the Dutch / Antillean community and who feel motivated and supported to make their dreams come true. ”

“I am especially proud of my perseverance. In the beginning, it was really hard to reach our goal. Getting a crowded container transported to Curaçao took a lot of stress, begging and begging. But perseverance wins. We shipped our first container in 2014, which was a really good moment. And last March, we were able to transport thirteen containers thanks to our large donor AFAS Foundation, which has supported us unconditionally for more than eight years. In February, I was also recognized for my work, and I was appointed a Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Despite all the setbacks and the lack of government subsidies, we have managed to grow every year and reach the goal we have in mind. ”

“My relatives, my family and especially my husband and my son Stefan Groenewoud have contributed a lot to setting up this fund. They were the force behind my endurance. My husband, Arie, sadly died in February after a much longer illness. He died just the month I was knighted and was busy arranging the thirteen containers for Curaçao and Aruba. It was and is a tough period, but my environment, my friends and volunteers keep me going. I’m really grateful to them for that. ”

“We are very dependent on donations and donations, so we would like to ask readers for donation in any form. This can be financial support, but also help to load the containers. We will also ask companies for sponsorship. We are ANBI certified, which means that there may be tax benefits in terms of donations. The funds will be intended for the following purposes: Establishment of activities for children in the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Netherlands; Financing of sea freight and truck transport; Expenditure on rental of sheds; Buy resources for children in the Netherlands and in the Caribbean part of the Netherlands. ”

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