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Four graduated children in one household: you rarely see it, but in Zutphen, Tanja Papez and Hans Willemsen really have four flags hanging in front of the door. All children from their mixed family received a diploma last month.

The flags of Mila (17) and Rodi (18) are waving because of the end of their middle school careers: she passed havo, he passed vwo. Mayra (19) took her MBO Diploma in Animals and Entrepreneurship, and Jesse (21) completed his HBO ICT education.

Of course, the Papez-Willemsen family had already discussed that all children would graduate this year, but the real moment of realization came later. “In fact, it first dawned on us how special this is when the four posed there under their own flag,” says mother Tanja. The iconic image of the four gets thousands of likes on LinkedIn.

Get started working

Tanja, Hans and the four children form a mixed family. The daughter Mayra and the son Jesse are hers, and the daughter Mila and the son Rodi are from her husband Hans. “Hans and I have been together for ten years now, so the kids have lived together for so long,” she says. ,, They have always had a good time together and are now quite close to each other. Especially the girls: they know each other’s secrets and sometimes hang out with the same friends. It is very special that the four have passed at the same time. “


Mayra was going to a practical exam and was just tired of the excitement afterwards

Tanja Papez

It remained exciting until the last minute, says Tanja. “My daughter Mayra had to fight the hardest, even though everyone had to work hard for the last six months. Sometimes they studied together at the table in the living room, which was a nice sight. And then, a few weeks ago, the wait began. ”

Tanja and Hans go viral with a successful picture of their four educated children: ‘Made a flag holder yourself’ © Private photo

Tensions and stress

Tanja’s daughter Mayra was the first to receive her results. “Among other things, she was going to a practical exam, and afterwards she was just tired of the excitement. But it succeeded at once. I am of course very proud of everyone, but maybe a little extra of her. She worked so hard for it. ”

Then the nerves started for the two high school students. “Rodi received good news, but Mila heard she had to take a retest.” Jesse, who had worked hard for his college degree, did not pass away either. “So he also had to block again at the last minute, rewrite his report and hand it in again. He even worked until midnight for a few nights. “

Four flags

The first flag went into the air in early June and stayed there for more than four weeks, partly due to the repetitions. “It was weeks of stress and waiting,” says Tanja. When Mila finally receives the phone call that she has passed her exam, not one, not two, not three, but four flags and backpacks flutter in front of the house in Zuidwijken. “It gave me so much peace of mind,” Tanja says. “Everyone is just ready. We could finally relax.”

Four candidates in one house is not everyday food, nor is it a quadruple flagpole holder. ,, We made our own – luckily my husband works with metal. That night we took the picture that I then posted on LinkedIn. A picture for the books. ”

Many from Tanja’s network agree: the picture gets thousands of likes. “And that while I was hesitant for a while to post it, because not everyone on LinkedIn is waiting for private posts. But because it has to do with education and their careers, I thought it was appropriate enough to share. ”

Nienke and Thomas form a mixed family, they say at Ouders van Nu. When I was pregnant, the midwife said: This baby is the glue that binds your family together. And that’s really true. ”

A house full

The four children of Tanja and Hans now know what to do next. “Mayra happened to be told this week that she can take the vocational training to become a veterinary assistant, Rodi will Mechanical Engineer is studying at the University of Twente in Enschede and Mila has chosen the HBO program International social work in Nijmegen. Jesse is the only one who will already be working with IT. ”

Still, there is no threat of empty nest syndrome for the Zutphen couple. “For the time being, all children will continue to live at home,” says Tanja. And she thinks it’s so nice. “We have a lot of fun together, everyone gets along well.”


We are very proud of our children’s achievements, but secretly even more of the sweet people they have become

Tanja Papez

But first, the milestone in the Papez-Willemsen household is well celebrated. “We should probably all go out and eat, because we should not let this go unnoticed. We are very proud of our children’s achievements and of the steps they will take. But in secret even more on the nice people they have become. ”

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