Nothing Phone (1) has a transparent design and costs 469 euros

Nothing Phone (1) has been officially unveiled, can be ordered immediately and is a striking performance in the mid-range segment. In this article, we will walk you through all aspects of the device.

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No Phone (1) official: you need to know this

Nothing Phone (1) has finally been unveiled after months of rumors. The device can now be ordered from 469 euros and is the first smartphone from the brand new company: Nothing. As with their first product, Nothing Ear (1), the manufacturer wants to get rid of all unnecessary hassle with products.

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This is reflected in the minimalist design, which has many similarities with the iPhones of recent years. The sides have straight edges, the frame is made of aluminum and on the right side is the on / off button. Two separate volume buttons are located on the left, while the USB-C port, speaker and SIM tray are at the bottom.

A symmetrical design has been chosen, where the edges around the screen have the same width everywhere. The front camera is hidden in a hole in the display, and the optical fingerprint scanner is also built into the screen. Unlocking thanks to face recognition is also possible, but much less secure.

The screen can display more than a billion colors, has a size of 6.55 inches and a resolution of 2400 times 1080 pixels. The screen refreshes 60 or 120 times per second. It is not about a more energy efficient LTPO panel that adjusts the refresh rate from 1Hz to 120Hz. The screen has AMOLED technology, so black is really black and the colors spray off.

Transparent back with 900 built-in LEDs

The most striking thing about the device is the transparent back. Several components, such as the wireless charging coil, are visible. Various materials have also been used to create a futuristic design. At the bottom you can see a small elephant with a little imagination, and the two excellent cameras are a real one eye-catcher

A hidden feature is the 900 LEDs built into the back. Thanks to the Glyph interface, they light up when you receive a call or when a message arrives. Depending on your settings, you can select a different pattern per. person. You can also use them while filming, and you can quickly see the battery status when you hang the device on the charger. The back and front are finished with a layer of Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches.

No Phone (1)

Mid-range hardware

The phone (1) is a device with mid-range hardware. For example, the Snapdragon 778 Plus processor with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage is chosen. A faster processor does not fit the company’s strategy, a spokesman said Android Planet during an interview. In addition, this chip offers an excellent combination of price, performance and battery life.

Charging the 4500 mAh battery runs at a maximum of 33 watts, but you will not find a charger in the box. All this has to do with the ecological footprint and cost savings. The processor is adapted to enable wireless charging for this smartphone, and it is possible with a maximum of 15 Watts. It is also possible to charge another device by placing it on the back of Nothing Phone (1).

It is not possible to expand the storage memory, but there is room for two SIM cards. Nothing Phone (1) is equipped with an IP53 certification and can therefore withstand some water and dust. Bluetooth and NFC are on board, as is 5G support.

Two cameras of 50 megapixels each

For selfies and video calls, you use the 16 megapixel front camera and two cameras are located on the back. The main camera has a resolution of 50 megapixels, is equipped with optical image stabilization and film in a maximum resolution of 4k at 30 frames per second.

You use the second camera for images at a wider angle of up to 114 degrees. With the lens you do too close-ups of objects from a maximum of 4 centimeters. According to the company, other cameras are junk and unnecessary.

No Phone (1)

Android 12, many years of updates and proprietary interface

Nothing Phone (1) runs on Android 12 and will receive at least three major Android updates in the future. You can also expect a security update every two months for four years. A newly developed point interface has been selected, where the font consists of small dots.

Nothing bets on speed, condemns bloatware and has developed some of its own widgets. This way, you can quickly operate your Nothing earbuds, but in the future, you should also think about your Apple AirPods or products from other brands. Remote unlocking of your Tesla is already possible thanks to such a convenient widget. Another widget that you can attach to a home screen lets you manage your unique NFTs.

No Phone (1) prices and release

No Phone (1)

Interested in Nothing Phone (1)? Then you can choose between a black and white model and different versions in relation to working and storage memory. Entry-level model with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB storage costs 469 euros and delivered from July 21st. The 8 / 256GB version precedes the same daf 499 euros over the digital disk. The top model shows up for the summer, which has 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space 549 euros

You can order the two most affordable models from now on and so far only through the manufacturer’s website or Amazon. However, the company says that it is in dialogue with other parties, so you should later be able to combine the device with a subscription.

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