Associations in Akersloot go after OmniPark

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Artist impression of OmniPark. Photo: (Kersens / De Ruiter Architects)

Akersloot – If there are up to six Akersloter sports associations, they will play together in 2025 in a brand new park on Boschweg with a sports hall and canteen that can also function as a town hall or cultural center. A steering group has been set up to monitor the planning and hope to get the green light from the municipality soon.

By Hans Boot

The steering group for the ambitious project is formed by the chairmen of the participating associations. These are Akersloter Marathon Club (AMAK), Kids and Parents Bike School (KPB), the handball club Meervogels ’60, the football club Meervogels ’31, the tennis club Akersloot and IJsclub Akersloot.

The plan is discussed with Rob Kooyman from the football club, Walter van der Klugt from the tennis club and Sandra Eriks from AMAK.

A possible layout of the multifunctional facilities. (Image: included)

Rob first explains how and when the idea for an OmniPark came about: ,, Originally, we started thinking about it in 2015. The then sports councilor Leo van Schoonhoven asked us what we wanted with the different accommodations in terms of aging and decline of members and volunteers. Then we shared the problems with each other. There was also a lot of discussion on this topic in the council, but it bled to death after a while. “

Walter adds to Rob: ,, In the spring of 2020, I took the initiative to take up the plan again and determine what our wishes were. Meanwhile, there was a National Sports Agreement where our plans fit perfectly. However, they do not focus only on sports. Non-sporting activities such as theater, art and culture, exhibitions, card games and themes such as nature, quality of life and recreation are also an integral part of this. In addition, a new building with a sports hall could become multifunctional by, for example, also using it as an assembly hall, canteen, changing rooms, fitness room and so on. ”

big steps

The question, of course, is what happens if everything remains the same. Sandra answers: “The homes will not collapse today or tomorrow, but it is desirable that something changes in the long term. We hope and expect that the plan will have a stimulating effect after realization. ”

The members of the OmniPark Steering Committee. From left to right: Ben van Diepen, Susan Bron, Ton Kramer, Sandra Eriks, Walter van der Klugt and Rob Kooyman. (Photo: included)

The question also arises how to fit the parts of such a large project together and what the planning looks like. Walter: ,, You have to ask yourself if you have to do everything at the same time or in phases. The biggest challenge is to keep training. However, we are far from that at the moment. The steering group is currently completing the preparation of a requirements program. On July 12, we will meet with the new sports councilor Roel Beems and we hope to hear more about the progress. We assume that the municipality will take up the gauntlet and have a preliminary investigation made in the short term. ”

Rob adds: “In any case, it is an advantage that different political parties have included our idea in their election programs. We were even in Kieswijzer. Just before the election in March, the Sports Council arranged a meeting where I, as the presenter, explained our history. ” Sandra comments in this connection: “All party chairmen have also visited here once. They have also all said that they are embracing the plans, so we expect significant steps to be taken during this term. “

Global planning

Walter explains about the surface areas of the current and future destinations: ,, The six associations now cover about eight hectares. The total plan requires about five acres, so we are left with three acres. Part of the vacant land could easily be used for housing, which is an urgent need in our municipality. Proper recycling of vacant land, both socially and economically, is one of the major challenges we face. ”

From left to right: Rob, Sandra and Walter, the spokesmen for OmniPark’s steering committee, in front of Meervogels ’31 football field. (Photo: Hans Boot)

Sandra then discusses how the associations in Akersloot and the local residents view the plan: ,, All associations, which are about twenty-five of them, have reacted enthusiastically. Also in this case, of course, there are always people who oppose the plan. As far as the local residents are concerned, we do not really have to worry about this, because all the residents of Boschweg have been personally informed and their reactions have also been overwhelmingly positive. “

Regarding global planning, Rob will say: “We consider 2022 to be the year of design. In addition, we hope that the municipality at the end of this year will decide whether the park should be realized or not. If it is up to us, we will open the park at the end of 2025. ”

Finally, Walter points out a piece of communication: ,, The members of the six associations are kept informed from time to time about the planning. I can also report that all associations have agreed to start a preliminary design through their general meeting. Once that is done, we return to them. We use the website, Facebook and Instagram to provide information.

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