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The US markets are now closed again. We look at the live Bitcoin (BTC) price and the prices of the 25 best crypto. Then we see how Americans claim that crypto is racist, we share an Ethereum (ETH) Merge update, and we see a bizarre use of NFTs.

We start with the live Bitcoin (BTC) award and the prices of the 25 best crypto.

Live Bitcoin (BTC) price and top 25 cryptocurrencies are rising

At the time of writing, the price of live Bitcoin (BTC) is EUR 20.4361 ($ 20,485.52). This is 2.86% higher than during our crypto update yesterday.

In addition, we are also seeing the prices of most top 25 cryptocurrencies rise. Besides some stable coins, we only see green numbers. The largest increase is currently for Uniswap (UNI) with + 13.46%. On Tradeincrypto.com’s page you can analyze all the live crypto prices.

This afternoon, we already analyzed what the Bitcoin price increase means for the rest of the crypto market and what BTC prices are the key. So tonight we focus on other notable cryptocurrencies.

Black Americans claim that crypto is racist

A study published today in America shows that colored American citizens invest relatively more in crypto than white Americans. As a result, the crash had also had a greater impact on the color community than it did on the white community.

This leads to discussion. Some argue that there is a racist element. This NBC News topic discusses supporters and opponents of this claim.

British world news: start lawsuits via NFTs

The English judiciary has a world first. They allowed a law firm to deliver the legal papers initiating a lawsuit, via an NFT airdrop in the wallet of an unknown person, which they will take to court.

The lawyers are suing on behalf of their client against an unknown person (or persons) who they claim took a lot of crypto from their client on false grounds.

So people have a wallet address but have no idea who or what is behind it. This means that data is missing to personally issue a subpoena (as normally required). In order to be able to conduct litigation anyway, the bright idea arose of using an NFT to hand over the papers containing the NFT personally to the defendant in the form of an airdrop. The judge agreed. This is a world first and relevant for 3 reasons.

First, this opens up a whole new category of applications for NFTs that can push the market towards NFT 2.0.

Second, it is now easier to produce against strangers (which is often the case in the crypto world).

The point is that a judgment favorable to the lawyer has little practical use. After all, the perpetrator at the time is still unknown, as is his net worth. This makes it virtually impossible to collect compensation awarded by the court.

Are exchanges responsible for crypto fraudsters and their victims?

To prevent defendants from quickly emptying their wallets before a lawsuit is filed, the law firm has also sued various crypto exchanges. The exchanges are then required to register the crypto traded via that wallet. They also want the exchanges to promise that they will return the registered crypto to the winning party after the claim has been granted. In the event that stock exchanges refuse, he has summoned them and held them liable for the damage because, in short, they are complicit if they do not take measures that prevent the suspect from booking his crypto.

This makes the case interesting because the ruling sheds light on the question of the extent to which crypto exchanges are responsible for fraud by their customers.

Ethereum (ETH) reports successful MEV Shadow Fork launch ahead of Merge rollout

The rollout of the Ethereum (ETH) merger is still underway, according to developer reports. Today, a shadow fork offering validator applications to earn more has been implemented seamlessly. Now that implementation has gone smoothly, nothing seems to stand in the way of ETH Merge.

Investors apparently appreciated this as the live Ethereum (ETH) price is 6.96% higher than yesterday. We are obviously excited about how it will end.

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