Google Pixel Watch Specifications – What do we know so far?


It almost seemed like an eternal myth, but in late May, the Google Pixel Watch was officially unveiled by the software giant. Although Google has not yet released all the details, a few things are already known about the smartwatch. So it’s high time to dive into the possible specifications of Google Pixel Watch!

Google Pixel Watch gets a round design

The most striking thing about the new smartwatch from Google is the design. Instead of a square screen, as Apple has done with its Apple Watches for years, Google has opted for a round design. This is a trend that can be seen a lot within Android smartwatches, and Google seems to agree with this. On the right side is a crown that can most likely be turned. This allows you to navigate through the menus without having to touch the screen.

In terms of specifications under the legendary hood, the company is still pretty quiet. The announcement on Google I / O 2022 therefore looks more like a teaser than a full revelation. Still, there are some leaks online here and there that shed more light on the Pixel Watch spare parts list. Rumor has it that it will all run on a Samsung Exynos chip, the same processor as for example the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.


Older chip and average battery life

But an older Samsung chip is also mentioned among these rumors. The big downside to that chip is that the hardware is already four years old. Thus, Google Pixel Watch does not get the latest of the latest to pamper the users with. That, along with the suggested 300 mAh battery capacity, hardly lasts the Pixel Watch much longer than a day before you have to look for the charger.

In addition to a battery, you also need storage space for all your apps and other things. According to a data breach by a US provider, the Pixel Watch should come with 32 GB of built-in memory, which is more than enough to store all your apps and music. Moreover, it appears that a cellular model is emerging from this data with the support of mobile data. The smartwatch must appear in the colors gray, black and gold.


Support for Fitbit features

An important part of such a new smartwatch is the range of software features that you can use once you have the watch on your wrist. Google promises that Wear OS, its own smartwatch operating system, will feel better than ever on the Pixel Watch. Expect all basic features to be present anyway, from contactless payment to navigation with Google Maps.

New is deeper integration with Fitbit fitness tracking systems. A logical choice, of course, given that Google acquired the company in 2021. Features mentioned on I / O 2022 include sleep tracking, constant heart rate monitoring and Fitbit’s ‘Active Zone Minutes’ feature.


Google Pixel Watch Release and Price

All that technology is great, of course, but the big question is what it all has to cost and when the hardware hits stores. Google has indicated that the Pixel Watch should be released in the fall of 2022 along with the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Insiders tighten the trigger to a planned release in October, when previous Pixels were also released that month. Within those rumors, a price of between $ 300 and $ 400 is also stated, which is currently reasonable to take over in Euro prices.

That makes the Pixel Watch a relatively expensive Android smartwatch compared to many competitors, but the list of intended features is not small either. Fortunately, it won’t be long before Google provides more clarity about its first smartwatch. With a targeted Google Pixel Watch release in a few months, the design is pretty sure to hold. Fortunately, fans of the new smartwatch will not have to wait long before they can even wear the piece of tech.

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