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In considering the perspective note on 13 July 2022, the municipal council unanimously adopted a proposal from SP-Amstelveen to examine the level of fees for the participation of children from low-income families and, if necessary, increase them.

On July 6, Amstelveen Omran Baikari student from MBO Utrecht spoke about the problem that the current refunds are insufficient. Already in September 2021, SP tried to raise the compensation from 250 to 450 euros via a proposal. Now the first step has been taken, to the satisfaction of both SP and the speaker Baikari.

Omran Baikari: ‘I’m still young myself, and I know how annoying it is not to be able to take part in sports or cultural activities, and especially how important it is to take part. I researched myself a bit and showed that the refunds do not cover the costs you should have at all. Not only contingent, but also things like clothes or musical instruments. I have been in contact with various parties about this and have been advised to comment on this at a so-called council meeting. That’s what I did. ‘

(Photo SP-Amstelveen – 2022)

Patrick Adriaans and Omran Baikari in front of the Platform-C Amstelveen building on Stadsplein

One thing is to say from during the city council meeting, but how is something really handled? It is up to the councilors themselves. SP party chairman Patrick Adriaans: “It was a good combination of circumstances. In September last year, the SP made a proposal, which was unfortunately voted down. We were so surprised to read similar words in the coalition agreement. Therefore, the SP has already announced on June 29 that it will make a The fact that a perfect ambassador for our history in the form of Omran comes to talk about the same subject on July 6 gives history the wings it needs. , which councilor could then be against? As SP we are therefore very grateful to Omran! ‘

The problem is known, the funds are not sufficient, the speaker has been present and there has already been a commitment to work on a plan, but how do you give it more wings? SP decided to scrap the old proposal and resubmit it slightly changed in the perspective note under the motto butter with the fish!

Adrian: ‘Thanks to Omran’s voice, it was no longer just a story about SP. Other parties now also had to recognize that the threshold for (too) many children from low-income families is high, often too high, to be able to participate fully in sports and cultural activities. So something definitely needed to be done. The previously proposed increase from 250 to 450 could count on the support of GroenLinks and Christenunie, but was a step too fast for other parties. After much consultation with D66 in particular, we reached a compromise. We get the council to look into it, and there will be a proposal with the budget in November. This ultimately resulted in a unanimously adopted proposal, and the problem is on the agenda, and not insignificantly, Omran will be involved in the implementation! ‘ The speaker was not present at the council meeting, but followed him live from home and was very pleased with the result.

Baikari: “I understood that something would happen, but I did not know that a decision would be made with the proposal so quickly, otherwise I would have definitely gone to City Hall. Now I attended the Council meeting and was very pleased with the proposal, also that Mr. At the end of his speech, Mr Adriaans thanked me for my efforts and, at Mr Becker’s prayer, the Councilor promised to involve me in the follow – up. I screamed for a while, a little to myself, but especially that something is being done for the children, because I think that’s the most important thing! ‘

SP-Amstelveen sees this as an example of how citizen involvement can be used in a good way, and how residents can also be actively involved in politics. This should happen more often.

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