Obese candidate hopes to become ‘fit father’ for his children

Bart weighs 123.2 kilos at the start of the program and has a fat percentage of 33.4 percent. The young father hopes to regain ‘the perfect body’ over the course of an eight-month process. His biggest motivation is the kids: “I do everything for my kids. So if we play football, I want to play football too, but then I break down.” He therefore hopes that by the end of the trip he will be able to be with the kids ‘just being active’ without being ‘completely breathless after three steps’. Psychologist Hilde, dietitian Caroline, head coach Roberto and his own personal trainer help him in his mission.

During a brief fitness test, coach Roberto immediately notices ‘worrying results’. Bart is already completely out of breath after three minutes of training. “He has 40 kilos of fat that he has with him. At least half must be removed.” In the end, Bart hopes to weigh about 85 kilos by the end of the process.

Despite the fact that Bart a few years ago lost more than 50 kilos and therefore previously weighed 80 kilos, he now has a lot of problems with a healthy lifestyle. Even during the process, he has a hard time resisting the unhealthy temptations. Also during his wedding day, which took place at home because of the corona. “I will definitely enjoy it. Definitely take a little of each and then pick up the thread again tomorrow,” he promises.

Bart decides to put his personal sports plan and nutrition plan aside and draw his own plan. Because he wants ‘the perfect body’, he thinks so intermittent fasting will work best for him. The dietitian is not happy with Bart and decides to call him on the mat. Still, he stands firm and continues with his diet for some time. “It requires no effort for me and that’s why it’s easy to maintain. And the result is impressive,” he explains. Bart also wants to lose weight as soon as possible in the short term, although experts indicate that he will not reap the benefits in the long term. “Whether he can really switch to a healthier lifestyle, I do not know yet. He has pretty strong thoughts about it,” says dietitian Caroline.

In addition to the waste process, there is also a mental change for Bart. During the conversations with psychologist Hilde, a traumatic childhood experience emerges, and it provides interesting insights. Even before Bart was born, his parents would have lost a son. According to the psychologist, Bart would ‘fill up his parents’ grief’ with his birth. “It is of course an impossible task, and therefore you can get the feeling that you are never enough and that you are never satisfied. And that you never reach what you should achieve,” explains psychologist Hilde. Bart finds it ‘interesting’ what Hilde has told him: “I do not know if it is and it is something I have to find out. I never thought about it that it could have shaped me. I experienced not consciously. ”

After a kick in the ass from head coach Roberto, Bart decides to listen to the experts. In this way, he embraces his new lifestyle, and his obsession with the ultimate goal leaves room for acceptance. As a result, Bart is more focused on the road to it: “I just really like the process.”

Underneath the big momentum is the question of whether Bart has been able to catch up on his elimination run in recent weeks. With 102.1 kilos, he did not reach his final goal, but he still looks back with satisfaction on his track. Especially because he can run after his kids again. “What I now had a little more trouble with is now going great. Playing and stuff like that is going great now.” His wife Sonja is also happy for her husband: “He has become incredibly handsome, because he shines again, as I got to know him.”

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