Alfa Romeo is happy to step aside for a Sauber-Audi deal

Since 2019, we have known the Sauber team as the Alfa Romeo. However, the Swiss formation is only associated with the Italian carmaker by name. For example, the parent company Stellantis runs minimal risk and they do not have to worry about interference from Turin in Hinwil. After all, the BMW Sauber failure is still fresh in our minds.

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No problem

At least that has always been the idea. In the hallways, however, there is talk of a return to the BMW-Sauber relationship, this time with BMW’s rival Audi. After all, the VAG daughter, along with cousin Porsche, is entering Formula 1 as a power supplier. As Porsche moves towards Red Bull, Audi is expected to make a gradual takeover of Sauber.

Such an action, of course, makes the relationship between Alfa Romeo and Sauber untenable. But according to Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato, if it comes to that, it’s no problem:

“It’s a matter of relationship. The day Sauber feels it’s in their long – term interest to move forward, then they should do it for their business. Sauber’s first commitment is to protect the company, right now it’s a great shared vision. [voor Sauber en Alfa Romeo]. If something else happens one day, it will not be a problem. “

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Built-in flexibility

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Imparato’s striking attitude does not matter. The relationship between the two companies is based on flexibility. Despite an agreement until 2024, both sides have the opportunity to break ties at the end of each season. Imparato has deliberately entered into this relationship so as not to let Alfa Romeo get too deeply involved in the sport. He finds it too daring to plan in motorsport:

“We want to develop in a different way, in a different world, always in motorsport, for Alfa Romeo. But we do not fix anything – we do not have to protect anything. We are partners. And then we will see.” Plan five years or more in motorsport. Never. In this world, we value our partnership every year. The man who plans five years ahead in a motorsport investment is daring – really. We do not do that. “

This leaves the Imparato door ajar for Audi. However, the FIA ​​is still not there yet. We are still waiting for a final answer to the new engine rules for 2026.

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