Drive slowly and enjoy KOBR: the news from Bodegraven-Reeuwijk

Almost a point behind the Raadhuisweg / Zoutmansweg project

Friday 22 July is the day the Raadhuisweg / Zoutmansweg will be completed. The road is not yet completely finished, because the planting of the trees will take place in the autumn. But the completion is cause for positive attention, because in recent years this road has been an important topic of discussion at the heart of Reeuwijk-Brug and at City Hall. Discussions were heated up, and harsh words about ‘killing strips’ and ‘nobody’s way’ were not avoided. Councilor Robin Kersbergen: “It is a long-term case, but after various insights, discussions in the city council, many consultations with residents and with the province, we have now chosen the safest solution, all things considered. And the moment has come when the inhabitants can just drive in and out of the village again. ”


That the new path is here is not due to one person, but the collaboration between many different people and organizations. Barbara Wortman and Elmar van Bijsterveld, both employees of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk municipality (Public Space) and initiators of this project, confirm this. Barbara: “It is a project that many had an opinion on. We listened to that, but we also looked at the possibilities of doing something about it. There was also a lot of contact with local residents, for example in the form of a weekly consultation hour (for Corona), newsletters and consultation of local residents. For the design of the seats on the water, residents and local residents have provided input on what it should look like. This has led to four locations, each with their own design.

Green final image

The road will, as indicated, not be completely ready on July 22nd. The planting is planned, but trees and shrubs will not be blocked until September-October. If they were planted now, they would not survive. And once the green is there, a completely different picture emerges. A village picture. Elmar: “The planting will soon indicate the zoning. Now it is a flat surface. In order to show users what it will look like, in the coming week, signs with mood pictures will be put up in three places. The trees that were felled to adapt the road have been given new life in the lake area. They are used as poles around an island to prevent calving. “


In the various media and on social media channels like Facebook, this provoked about 2 kilometers many reactions. This also applies to the final result in the manufacture. Reactions such as ‘The road looks like a racetrack’ and ‘Where is the village character’ were also seen and read by the municipality. Councilor Kersbergen states that it is “very complicated to make everyone happy. Previously, this road served as the main road to Gouda, but since 2014, the Reeuwijkse Randweg has taken over this function. But this route is still an important access point to the village, as well as a residential road and a continuous route for bicycle traffic between Bodegraven and Gouda. It hurts. But we eventually found a middle ground. ” And the village character will be highlighted more once the trees are planted. The different pavement colors also give a different look and more clarity to which road section is intended for.


A maximum of 30 km may be driven on the renewed road. To keep everyone in mind, there will be more blue on the streets from July 22nd. Due to the roadblock, a lot of traffic had to drive on Randweg. It is expected that many road users will continue with it. In addition to a warning, fines can be imposed. Previously, maintenance was not possible due to the layout of the road. The layout is now such that enforcement is very possible. So avoid fines and as Elmar states: “drive slowly and enjoy”.

Festive unpacking

Emphasis will also be placed on that ‘enjoyment’ when the road is really ‘finished’. The municipality will ‘unpack festively’. She does not know exactly what it will look like yet, but a beautiful coat rack forms, among other things, the National Tree Planting Day.

Stay in touch

During the recent period, there has been a lot of contact with local residents and villagers. When the road is finished, the municipality wants to keep in touch by setting up a working group focusing on road use. Think of actions like ‘drive slowly and enjoy’ and ‘take the ring road’. Coordination about this with the village teams is still going on. And the call to join the working group follows at a later date this year.

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