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HOLIDAY WITH LITTLEThe time has finally come: the summer holidays! To go out with the kids, enjoy each other and the freedom. But then everything turns out to be against you and you come home exhausted instead of rested. This week: Judith van Wijk went on a road trip in Italy with four children, but got an electric rental car with very little range.

,, In a week’s time we would travel around Puglia from Naples by car. Because we are two adults and four children, I would rent a seven-seater, such a van. Our preferred, reliable car rental company no longer had these available, so I settled for another local rental company. In good time before our departure, I arranged the bus and we mapped out our route. We probably booked all the accommodations for the road because I had seen gems that I would not want to miss. When we arrived at Naples Airport, our rental car turned out to be electric. “I’m totally in favor of that, but it’s not practical for a road trip in an area with few charging stations.”

On holiday to the Italian charging stations

,, The landlord had no other option for us, so we put the disappointment aside and left. The first night started well: we could not find the reserved accommodation, with an almost empty battery. It turned out to be a place secluded behind a cove that we eventually found on foot. In the stress of the search, my husband left his suitcase on the street. We only found out late in the evening after dinner that he was missing; we were thinking about theft. Terrified, we called the owner of the property, but he saw no sign of breaking down and said it was impossible that the suitcase had been stolen from the room. A phone call to the police revealed that they had received a report of a gray suitcase on the street, which of course had meanwhile disappeared without a trace. So the next morning we just filled up our underpants and shirts. ”

Do you also look with fear at the many hours your children spend in the back seat during their vacation? At Ouders van Nu you will find twenty more games on the go or at the charging station.

‘The car, heavily loaded and in the mountains, turned out to have only a range of 150 kilometers. So it came down to four hours a day, sometimes twice a day, at a charging station. With four impatient, bored children. The charging stations are never next to anything neat, so it was nothing more than an ice from the gas pump. Or we wandered through a vague slum looking for cakes at a bakery. Waiting was a real horror for all of us. Sometimes we first came to our residence at. 02.00, completely finished. Once late in the evening we finally entered a village at snail’s pace, just got the charging station, and it turned out that an adapter plug was needed. The kids were tired and hungry, we were frustrated. The last day we missed the boat to an island we wanted to see, again because of the empty battery. This disaster holiday almost made me laugh. “

False damage

,, Upon returning home, I wanted to file a claim, but before I sent it, I received an email from the car rental company. We would have done damage, but there were pictures of a completely different car. After some hassle, we were able to settle the matter with a poor English-speaking middleman. My claim resulted in a compensation of 300 euros, which is little consolation. Afterwards, I look back on the holiday with a smile and a good feeling, because it was actually quite an adventure. This story also does very well on birthdays; we will never forget this holiday. ”

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