Neighbors take the initiative to light up blank walls


Work by Studio Toxic a first for the Achterhoek

LICTENVOORDE – Everyone involved had to wait a bit, Studio Giftig is a well-known and much sought-after artist duo in the world of street art, but then you have something. Last Thursday, July 14, Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek completed the beautiful mural under the banner of the Street Art project by Geef Lichtenvoorde Colour. A ranger with his dog hovers between the trees, surrounded by birds and barrier tape. The residents of Patronaatshof Ton and Iet Boer and Anton and Bets Hulshof are very happy about it. After ten years of staring at a blank wall, they can now enjoy the detailed artwork that takes up an entire side wall in the De Klinke apartment complex every day.

By Anneke Cuppers

Since their arrival at the Patronaatshof ten years ago, Ton and Iet Boer have lived in the apartment complex to their full satisfaction. A lovely house in the center with all facilities within walking distance. The couple found a disadvantage that they were looking directly at a blank wall from their balcony. Neighbors Anton and Bets Hulshof shared this opinion, and together they contacted ProWonen, owner of De Klinke. Ton: “The housing association reacted very positively, and through the municipality we got in touch with Natasja Scharenborg from the Street Art project.” Natasha, on the other hand, saw her chance. “Such a beautiful wall and such a beautiful project, initiated by the neighborhood itself, I wanted to make the most of it. Therefore, the choice fell on Studio Toxic. They have made a big name for themselves in the street art world and are in demand all over the world for their detailed surrealist work. We had to be patient for about a year and a half, but I am very happy and proud that they have now also left their work in the Achterhoek. A real first place for this region!”

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The neighbors are very satisfied with the result. Ton continues: “The picture really agreed with us. After we received the first design, we made some changes. Not a big one, but that barrier tape, for example, was even more in the foreground at first. Sitting on our balcony it came very close to you. At our request, it has been adjusted somewhat, after all, we have to look at it all day long. Natasja also came by several times to check the progress, and we had good contact with each other.” Anton adds: “Those guys came straight from Stockholm and sprayed about 350 cans of paint on this wall. I thought it was fascinating to see them at work and it was nice to experience something like that.”

An information sign will soon be placed next to the mural with an explanation of the design. As far as the neighbors are concerned, it doesn’t stop there. “If it is up to us, we will focus on it. This is far too beautiful to be enjoyed only during the day.”

The mural is located in the passage between De Klinke and Antoniushove garden and is currently best reached from Varsseveldseweg or from Herman Doppenplein via the walking route behind Centrum in Beweging.

(separate frame)

Design explanation

In the center of the picture is the forester with his dog. They float in a surreal way between the trees. Three gray tons, also known as Zorro birds, symbolize the restoration of ancient nature; this special bird is slowly returning to the Achterhoek after 55 years of absence.

The forest ranger is busy literally closing that nature off, a reference to protecting/restoring nature. In addition, the barrier bands provide a nice contrasting image with the vertical pattern of the trees, which creates even more depth in the image. The depth effect is further enhanced by the tone-on-tone background, which gradually shifts towards the foreground for a realistic color palette.

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