Twin sisters Jihad and Aisha design dresses: ‘We love glitter!’

When looking at JA Fashion’s Instagram, one would think that these dresses are straight from the red carpet. Yet the design is simply by two 21-year-old sisters from Leiden. We wanted to know everything!


Sisters Jihad and Aisha are 21 years old and live in Leiden. They are, as you could probably guess from their photo, identical twins. ‘But we still have two sisters and three brothers at home. So it’s busy with us, “the ladies say with a laugh. They have recently completed their education from the fashion education at ROC in The Hague. Still, they stay there for a while because they want more diplomas in fashion. “We want to get better at what we already do.”

From interior to clothes

As children, Jihad and Aisha enjoyed working with drugs. Aisha: ‘Our grandfather had a shoe company. We often went there to look and also regularly received dust from him. We then started experimenting with it, making our own clothes. Jihad adds: ‘Still, we always liked to be creative at home.’ Still, it is not immediately obvious to the girls that they want to do anything in fashion. Aisha: ‘In fact, we have always been interested in interior styling, we also wanted to take a course.’ To be able to take the interior design stylist education, however, the sisters must first have a level 2 diploma. Therefore, they decide to follow a different course as an intermediate step. And it was – as it turns out – a very good move!

No intermediate step

Jihad recounts the moment she and Aisha came into contact with fashion education. ‘It was in an internship market. We had actually never heard of this option, but when it was presented there, we were immediately excited. Our mom also really liked it and encouraged us. So we decided to sign up. ‘ A good choice because the girls are now enjoying their studies so much that they are already going for their third diploma. Aisha: ‘So it never happened again.’

Photo: JA Fashion

lots of glitter

When we ask the sisters to describe their clothes, a few concepts often emerge: festive, eye-catching, and full of glitter. Jihad: ‘For our exam we were given the task of making a collection based on the theme’ freedom ‘. We would like to reflect that in our dresses by making them festive. ‘ Aisha continues: ‘We want to give women the feeling that they can stand out and that you can make every day special.’ A beautiful message, accompanied by a beautiful show! Jihad: ‘We were allowed to invent the choreography ourselves. We were also aware of the shape of the dresses, but we also thought carefully about the design order. ‘ The collection has been named ‘Diamond’. Extra fun: The models who were allowed to show off the dresses were their own friends. Aisha: ‘It made it easy to work together!’

I often think: luckily we have each other!

Patience pays off

Jihad and Aisha’s dresses, most of them lavishly decorated with stones, glitter and embroidery, obviously take a lot of time. ‘We love crafts, they always look their best. But yes, you have been working on it for a long time. With a complicated design, we can sometimes spend weeks on one piece of clothing. ‘ Coming up with designs, on the other hand, is always smooth, because the sisters have exactly the same taste. Aisha: ‘It’s never really the case that one dress is more Jihad’s design, and another more min. We do everything! ‘

Photo: JA Fashion

The future of JA Design

Jihad and Aisha are still studying and do not officially have their own shop or webshop. Still, they occasionally get inquiries via Instagram. Jihad: ‘People will then borrow or buy a dress from us.’ For the ladies, their own business is definitely on the agenda. ‘We would prefer to make wedding and prom dresses in the future. Really unique clothes, tailored to the person who is going to wear them. ‘
And importantly, the sisters want to continue working together. Jihad: ‘I often think: luckily we have each other! Sometimes it can be quite stressful, but because we get along so well with each other, we never really disagree. ‘ Aisha: ‘No … And if it ever gets too much for us, we stop and say to each other: have a cup of coffee first. Coffee always works. ‘

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