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In the Premium environment of Crypto Insiders, current technical analysis is shared daily by experienced analysts. The sandbox (SAND) has been discussed here regularly in recent times. In this section, we look back at this technical analysis and map the latest developments and expectations for the coming period. If you still have questions after reading this article, you can easily ask them in our Discord community, here our technical analyzes are usually shared with our members 48 hours earlier.

What is The Sandbox (SAND)?

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based computer game. Players can create their own virtual world in this game and do whatever they want. Today, this world is also called a metaverse. Players can create various items during the game and also exchange them for real money or other in-game items. These items are traded for real money because non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Latest The Sandbox News

The sandbox is an interesting project as the game continues to evolve. This can be based on updates to the game, but also in the form of collaborations. The Sandbox recently partnered with Playboy to introduce into the metaverse Playboy Mansion to imitate. Players can visit these and play games. By doing this, they can earn special NFTs.

That’s not all. Tony Hawk, the skateboarding legend, has also entered the metaverse. Together with The Sandbox, Hawk will create the biggest skate park ever. Once again, players can earn NFTs here again. This keeps players engaged in the game and gives them more and more to craft and collect.

What are the expectations for The Sandbox (SAND)?

Whether the above developments will have a further impact on the price depends on a large number of factors that differ daily. After all, the crypto market is highly subject to economic events and traditional stock markets. This sometimes makes it difficult to determine the right time to invest in a particular project.

Technical analysis TRUE price

Yesterday, a brand new analysis was shared in the Discord community by Crypto Insiders. This analysis shows how a short rise is expected to complete the fourth wave of the Elliott wave 12345 pattern. Still, we expect a hard drop after that to complete the last wave of the pattern. Just in case this happens, Crypto Insiders analysts have already identified a possible entry zone.

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image 1: The above SAND analysis was shared in our Discord community for members on July 21, 2022.

Buy or sell SAND?

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