#261 ‘My decision is made’

Maud finds out on the first day of her holiday in Bulgaria that she is pregnant. She is in total panic and doubts whether she will keep the child. Gio says the opposite and dreams of a family with Maud. This causes a big fight. While Gio runs off in the rental car to collect his thoughts, Maud is alone in their hotel room. She realizes that she wants nothing more than to go home and books a flight to Amsterdam, she can fly back the next evening.

After our tantrum on the beach, I quickly booked a ticket home. Not much later Gio came back to our hotel room, he had bought all the nice things and wanted to apologize. “I understand that this is all a lot, you are also right, you have to carry the child. I want you to know that I love you, I see you as the mother of my children! But I also understand that you not ready yet.” Gio understood that I wanted nothing more than to go home and ordered a return ticket himself.

What a waste of our vacation and all the money, of course, but I can’t relax on a Bulgarian beach when I know there’s a baby growing in my belly! I suddenly saw pregnant women around me in the hotel.

Looks like my mom is up to something because that same night she tries to Facetime me twice more. Then she sent a video of Kai, he can almost crawl already. When I saw the video I burst into tears again. It is also idiotic if my brother soon becomes the uncle of my 1-year-old child.

I didn’t sleep all night and mostly talked a lot with Gio about our plans for the future. Gio came up with the clever idea of ​​booking an AirBnB in Haarlem. “Let’s stay away from Amsterdam for a while, everyone still thinks we’re on vacation. Then we can relax on the beach.”

The flight home took almost as long as my return flight from Dubai to Amsterdam, right after my relationship with Tommy ended. Somehow things always go wrong when I go on vacation with my friends. This flight was of course much worse, because suddenly I have much bigger worries. To top it all off, there was also a crying baby next to us, so I am once again confronted with my possible vision of the future.

In the meantime, I had already scheduled an appointment with my doctor in Bulgaria, and from Schiphol I immediately order a taxi to my doctor. She is super understanding and explains what the options are. I start to cry and tell her that I am considering an abortion. Somehow she sees the panic in my eyes. “I can refer you directly to an abortion clinic, but you can also visit a midwife first.” I ask her if I can call back in the morning with my decision. “Of course, think about it carefully. Legally you also have 5 days to think before you can actually have an abortion.”

Gio waited outside during my appointment with the doctor, and when I come out I immediately tell him that I should probably make an appointment at an abortion clinic. I can see on his face that he feels something other than what he says: “I will support you in your choice Maud.” For the rest of the evening, we try a bit on Netflix, but our minds wander all the time. We must have fallen asleep somewhere, because when I wake up, it turns out to be already 8:00. I slept well for the first time in days and I suddenly know what I want. My decision is made…

Maud (23) likes to party and travel. She recently started as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with boyfriend Tommy is over, and she has a new boyfriend: Gio. Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam, but now seems to have found a home in Amstelveen. You read her adventures every week a new episode of Maud’s Night Book.

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#261 ‘My decision is made’

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