Stop LGBT for children and war strategy

Written by Stefan J. Bos.

WORTHY NEWS/DE COUTUREKRANT – July 28, 2022 – BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – Unfazed by protests, Hungary’s right-wing prime minister has reiterated his government’s stance on LGBT rights and migration, while warning that Europe can end the war in Ukraine it cannot solve. Speaking in Romania over the weekend, Viktor Orbán told the audience that Hungary demands that activists and others “accept that in our country the father is a man and the mother is a woman.”

And: “We want them to leave our children alone and that [de Amerikaanse financier] George Soros also accepts this,” added Orbán, who accuses Soros of funding LGBT issues. He said the issues of demography, migration and gender are a “historic battle between right and left” and that these are issues that will shape our future.

Orbán spoke at the 31st “Summer University” in Băile Tușnad, Romania’s smallest city in the eastern Transylvania region, which is home to many ethnic Hungarians. demands of the LGBT community in Hungary. They faced counter-demonstrations, including on the famous Margaret Bridge in Budapest, the capital, where protesters unfurled a banner that read: “Stop LGBTQ, pedophilia.” Others shouted abuse at protesters following a “child protection law” passed last year that bans information about homosexuality and gender issues to minors in schools and in the media.

Back in Romania, Orbán made it clear that while his government promotes tolerance of homosexuals, it also supports traditional families. In controversial remarks, he also spoke out against a “mixed race” Europe “overrun” by Muslim migrants. He said his country must prepare for an “influx of Christians from the West”.

His government says it has experience with refugees, as more than 800,000 Ukrainians fleeing the ongoing Russian invasion have already entered Hungary.

Orbán said the EU needs a new strategy regarding the war in Ukraine, as sanctions against Moscow and sending weapons to Ukraine have not worked. a solid peace proposal…instead of winning the war,” Orbán said. He reported that at least 86 Hungarians in Ukraine have been killed in the war so far, without commenting.

Orbán, who has a strained relationship with current US President Joe Biden, insisted that the war would not have broken out “If Donald Trump was the US president and Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.” The prime minister said peace would depend on negotiations between Russia and the United States.

He argued that Europe “overplayed its hand” in trying to influence events in Ukraine in 2014 when the Minsk peace accords were brokered “without the US” and were not enforced. talk, but with those who can make Ukraine stick to the agreement,” he stressed.

Orbán went on to say that Hungary does not want to support EU embargoes or restrictions on Russian natural gas imports, as that would amount to “a nuclear bomb” on the country’s economy, which is about 85 percent dependent on Russian gas imports. Still, faced with record inflation and budget deficits, he will have to make compromises with the EU, critics warn.

Brussels has so far refused to transfer billions of euros in aid, citing rule of law and corruption concerns.

Orban, 59, has been put to the test by protesters after his government suddenly changed simplified tax laws for nearly half a million entrepreneurs. The legislation was pushed through parliament this month by the ruling Fidesz party without ministers present.

In addition, subsidized energy rates for households using an “above average” natural gas or electricity supply have ended.

The Socialist opposition noted that after being in power for 12 years, “Orbán’s only vision for the country is”: “We are waiting for 2030. Not because Hungary will catch up with the West by then, but … because in exactly eight years the West will fall apart.”

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