kudos to Janneke from Een Huis Vol

Viewers of the program A House Vol don’t even think about having that many kids. With all the chaos around you, it’s hard to keep a cool head. But mother Janneke from the Jelies family succeeds, and the viewers of the program – which has been back on the tube since yesterday – think it’s very clever. “Janneke to president.”

A new series of assessments hit and A House Vol can be seen daily on NPO 1 since last night. In the programme, which was nominated for a Gouden Televizier-Ring last year, viewers follow families with many children. The Jelies family has nine children and the ‘Buddenbruckjes’ – perhaps the best-known family from the reality series – even eleven. This season also follows the Cudogham family, where seven children are part of the family.

The Zeldenrust family is the only family followed for the first time this season. Viewers will see more of that tonight. What you immediately notice: all the family members’ names start with the letter J. The family – with mother Jantina, father Joshua and their eight children – is also called the 10 J’s.

All praise to mother Janneke from Een Huis Vol: ‘So sweet!’

The Jelies are familiar to regular viewers of the show. They have a busy weekend schedule ahead of them in the first episode. Father Johan has big plans. The grill is lit and the jacuzzi is filled, much to the delight of the children, who jump in at random.

And then this season it is also a big party with the family. Because the eldest daughter Jennie will be 16 years old. Viewers will also follow the first moments of the newest member of the family this season: daughter Johni. Everyone understands, it’s a busy affair in the Jelies family.

All the more beautiful that mother Janneke holds up so well. Not only does she remain calm, she is also always very nice to her husband Johan and to the children. “After all those seasons, we can conclude that Janneke Jelies deserves an award for the most patient mother. I love her so much,” viewers agree.

Father Rob has to take care of the children alone

The first episode also focuses on Thaila, the mother of the house with the Buddenbruck family. After decades, she begins training as a hairdresser again. Although it is already a busy day with nine children living at home, Thaila has to go to school in the evening. And then father Rob has to take care of the nine children who still live alone at home. And it’s anything but smooth.

At the Cudogham family, daughter Pixie-Lien is going to high school after the summer holidays. She is in the middle of a search for the most suitable school and it is still quite difficult in Amsterdam given the lottery system. In any case, she is very happy with her pre-school education advice.

The first episode can be seen here.

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