Summer Club Plus during the holidays, equal opportunities for all children

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THE BOSCH | This summer holiday, Summer Club Plus starts again for children from 2.5 to 13 years. In the context of equal opportunities and after last year’s success, the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch continues this project in collaboration with, among other things, education and childcare. “An educational and fun program is being created for around 150 children, with which children are stimulated more broadly in their development”, says the organization.

Sommerklubben Plus is part of the Equal Opportunities program in ‘s-Hertogenbosch municipality. Every child deserves an environment where they can develop their talent optimally. It is not a given that everyone gets this chance. This project makes more possible in the children’s centre, in the neighborhood and at home. So also during the summer holidays, where some children live without friends, without supervision and in some cases not in the most optimal home situation. Corona (and the shutdowns) also created a greater risk of learning or developmental delay. Partly as a result of the Summer Club Plus last year, the learning deficit was reduced, children had grown (socially and cognitively) and new talents were discovered. In a number of locations, Ukrainian children will also participate, accompanied by an interpreter/language assistant.

Three weeks of learning through play
The municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch makes Summer Club Plus possible together with Bossche partners. Signum Education, the ATO school district, Het Sprookjesbos, Kanteel Kinderopvang and Compasnul13 have put their heads together to make the summer a pleasant and educational time together with each other and the children. From 26 July to 11 August 2022, BBS de Haren, BBS Aan de Aa and BBS de Kruiskamp (Kindcentrum Westerbrood) focus on the theme ‘the elements’. Children can come here three times a week in the age groups 2.5-4 years, 4-8 years and 8-13 years. The offer is aimed at increasing confidence in one’s own abilities and cognitive skills, such as language and arithmetic. The offer also stimulates artistic education through creative activities. All kinds of workshops are given by Huis73, Noordbrabant’s museum, ‘S-PORT and volunteers who provide nature education.

A wide offer
Every week, Noordbrabant’s museum gives children aged 4 to 8 a look behind the scenes. Together they delve into the artist’s brain and look for answers to what something is, how it is made and why. In the second week, the children also take a trip to the museum, where they learn to look more closely at works of art, to unravel the artist’s history and to experiment themselves. Huis73 stimulates the children’s imagination and also gives reading a leading role during these three weeks. Learning to read requires commitment, motivation and guidance and the right books nearby. Therefore, this will certainly not be missing in the coming weeks. Something special has also been planned for the oldest children from 8 to 13 years old. For example, challenging internships are organized together with JINC. Children are introduced to different professions and roll up their sleeves to gain experience in laundry by CWS. Various sports, dance and drama workshops also follow.

we do it together
The children are supervised by teachers, educational professionals from the childcare and also group/educational assistants, PABO study thinkers and an interpreter for Ukrainian children. Good cooperation between the various Bossche partners. Judith van den Berg, project manager Compasnul13: “I am extremely proud that we can collect this for our children in our municipality. There is so much enthusiasm from the mutual cooperation. To do the right things well together, in the interests of the child. That is what we are after.”

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