Temptations Antonio gives clarity about the relationship with Cleo

Recently released temptations Cleo know in an honest Q&A on Instagram that it would never work again Antonio and her and she revealed that he would have already hooked up with a new girl. Although he has been silent for a long time about his relationship with Cleo, Antonio is now telling thank you how exactly the fork sits in the stem.

Together again?

Although last episode of Temptation Island: Love or Leave appeared on TV a while ago, Cleo and Antonio’s relationship continues to occupy minds. Although a reunion between the budgies seemed almost impossible during the last campfire, the two were still regularly seen together in public. Antonio also stated several times on his Instagram stories that he misses the blonde immensely, calling her his ‘dream woman forever’, which Cleo then reposted on her stories. It therefore seemed that the couple again back together though they both insisted not for long.

Until the beginning of this week, when Cleo admitted in a candid question round on Instagram after temptation to have tried it with Antonio, but that it is now officially over between them. She also let it be known that it would never get better. “Antonio knows why,” she said. “I wish the girl he’s with now the best of luck. Supposedly wants to fight for me and keep texting me but is busy with other practices. Don’t call me, yo.”

first night

Although Antonio has been silent for a long time about his relationship (breakup) with Cleo, he will now exclusively tell his story at thank you. He tells that Temptation Island was the ultimate relationship test for them, even though it started with one rocky start. However, Antonio would like to stress that there was absolutely no cheating involved. “The first night there I just had a nice evening. Of course there was flirting, but it was all from me in the blink of an eye. I had a decent drink, but nothing else happened,’ he says.

“Eventually Cleo saw this footage and it was an accumulation of drunken behavior, but apart from a comment and once in Nenapinching the bottom didn’t work that night”, continues Antonio. “Obviously it’s not fancy, but it certainly wasn’t cheating,” he says. He learned a lot from that first night. “I talked about it a lot with boys and realized that it really wasn’t smart and that those pictures could look bad. In the days that followed, I really behaved.”


But for Cleo, the good behavior came too late, so she decided to end her relationship. After this, Antonio sought support from single fleur, with whom he spent two very pleasant evenings. Despite the fact that his relationship ended, he was and is being labeled on social media as a ‘cheating person’, which he does not agree with.

“As far as I know, Cleo broke up with her and said she was going crazy now,” he says. “My reaction to that was perhaps also a kind of frustration. I don’t know if it was smart. But everyone knows what happened next, we don’t need to talk about that. And Cleo also indicated on the show that things happened on her dream date.”

secret relationship

The recordings of Temptation Island: Love or Leave More than six months have passed now, and during that period, Antonio has kept in touch with Cleo for a long time. “We were together every weekend and tried to pick up the thread again,” he reveals. However, the blonde didn’t want to make it public because she wanted to wait for the reactions to the last episode of the program. However, several juice channels already managed to mention that the two were regularly spotted.

“We were increasingly seen together, and I thought that this was starting to stand out. That’s why I wanted to make it public that we were back together,” says Antonio. According to him, Cleo had a lot of problems with this, which did not help their relationship. “After several weeks of trying, I felt that our relationship needed a break and that I needed time to think. During this period I decided to put an end to it. I don’t say a bad word about Cleo, because she doesn’t deserve it. She has always been very good to me. There were just too many irritations, so it didn’t work anymore,’ he explains. “We are currently out of touch and we are now living our own lives, but I wish her all the best.” Clear!

Image: Tom Cornelissen

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