Banned via Rian: podcast about a bizarre corporate soap

One wonders if Rian van Rijbroek gets to see the many reports about her controversial relationship with the multi-millionaire and businessman Gerard Sanderink from Twente. Presumably, because the shutters in her villa in Veghel are well closed, and she constantly hides behind pseudonyms, reports Tubantia.

In any case, the newspaper Twente takes full advantage of her affair. Earlier, a book was published by research editor Angelique Kunst, and now a podcast is running. Which is not very flattering either.

The main question is how it is that a 52-year-old woman with a thick Brabant accent from Veghel has one of the richest IT entrepreneurs in the Netherlands completely in her power. And drive you crazy.

His IT company Centric, which provides IT systems to governments, is said to be reeling due to top executive firings and ongoing litigation caused in part by Van Rijbroek. Staff hold the IT millionaire responsible for the recent Centric management crisis and fear it will culminate in ‘an implosion’. The Public Prosecutor’s Office (OM) has launched a preliminary civil investigation.

Last year, the childless Sanderink denied reports that Centric and his construction company Strukton are part-owned by Van Rijbroek. She would also have become a certificate holder in the fund that manages the shares.

After a series of DDos attacks on banks and government institutions, Van Rijbroek was actually invited as a cybersecurity expert in 2018 (another expert fell ill) by news hour. She had just written a book with PvdA politician Willem Vermeend. Who, like Sanderink, had fallen a little too quickly under her pressure. The book A world of cyber security and cyber crime was withdrawn from the market after proven plagiarism. And news hour had to apologize later: the DDos attacks came from Dutch teenagers, not from North Korea or Iran, as Van Rijbroek had firmly claimed.

A year later there was another book by her, Unhacked. Even with the necessary flaws.

Yet the media did little to refute her claims. She said she was a secret agent, working for foreign powers and big corporations. She had gotten her hands on the source codes from Kaspersky, a company she had also worked for. Kaspersky had never heard of the ‘cyber charlatan’. More so than cyber specialists who had never met this woman before.

What the podcast makes clear is that Van Rijbroek has been seducing older entrepreneurs all his life. Above all, she knows how to impress these men with knowledge to which they themselves do not have sufficient access. Before 2017, it was primarily asset and pension management. At the time of her meeting with Vermeend, it was no coincidence that a new Mamomo BV had been established (Mamomo stands for Make More Money) specializing in ‘developing, producing and publishing software’.

The podcast suggests that her brother Marc van Rijbroek may have been the inspiration. He sold a SAP-certified tax tool Taxmarc for a lot of money to the consulting firm PwC.

According to experts, the fact that Sanderink (73) would become her biggest catch can be explained very well: although he was once a computer specialist in aircraft and aerospace construction, today the entrepreneur does not know how to send e-mail or operate a smartphone. He doesn’t read news online. Others do it for him. Especially Van Rijbroek himself, who is said to have sent quite a few emails in his name, feeding him conspiracies.

Sanderink had a long-standing relationship with Brigitte van Egten from Enschede. But it ended with a crazy phone call. Out of nowhere, Sanderink suddenly accused her of theft and of ‘sex with Africans’. According to him, all this had come to light thanks to ‘intelligence investigations’. The stories had been whispered to him by Van Rijbroek.

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