the price becomes green after 3 red months

Bitcoin’s price will bounce back this month. In addition, many other remarkable things happened. Inflation in the Netherlands is coming by, we also discuss shortage of bitcoin experts.

Bitcoin price is very volatile. We are still far from the record price of $69,000. Time for some perspective.

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In 2013, BTC broke the $100 mark for the first time. In that year, however, bitcoin ended 5 months in the red. In the years that followed, it was never all good news and new records. A drop of 50-80% in a few weeks is common.

According to Statistics Netherlands (CBS), inflation in the Netherlands rose to 11.6% last month.

It concerns the depreciation of the currency in the month of July compared to exactly one year ago. Statistics Netherlands uses the European Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices (HICP) to arrive at this percentage.

This is a first estimate based on incomplete data. The real numbers are said to be released next Thursday.

Either way: You can buy fewer items with the same euro compared to July 2021.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) is having difficulty with the regulations surrounding bitcoin and ‘crypto’. President José Manuel Campa does not expect clear guidelines for the tokens he will oversee before 2025.

The EBA is a European authority with the formal aim of achieving clear and consistent regulation and supervision in the European banking sector. A difficult task at a time when bitcoin plays a role in the financial world.

Celsius customers face a further setback. The company is almost bankrupt and now also has to deal with a data breach.

The data breach occurred at This platform is used by many companies for customer contact. According to Celsius, an employee of their partner saw the Celsius addresses and passed them on to someone else. collaborates with the lightning company Alby. They want to be the first podcasting hosting company in the world to build in Value 4 Value payments.

The lightning network, a layer on top of bitcoin for fast and cheap payments, allows you to devise new business and reward models. One of them is Podcasting 2.0.

The trouble between the CEO of Binance and Bloomberg is not over yet. The founder of the crypto exchange is suing the publisher of the Chinese edition of Bloomberg Businessweek for defamation.

At issue are damages that Zhao Changpeng claims to have suffered as a result of a “defamatory” magazine cover. Binance’s CEO filed the case with the Hong Kong High Court on Monday.

Babel Finance wasted $280 million trading client funds. It is about 8,000 bitcoin and 56,000 ether, The Block reports.

The lender stopped accepting withdrawals earlier this year. A frequently mentioned reason was also discussed here: lack of liquidity. There was simply not enough capital to meet the demand.

The US banking regulators of the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) criticized the crypto firm Voyager Digital. It has even gone so far as to ban it.

They accuse Voyager of telling customers with “false and misleading claims” that their money was insured by the government. They referred to a so-called FDIC-insured license that would operate through a partnership with Metropolitan Commercial Bank.

Crypto exchange FTX has received approval to go live in Dubai. It is an agreement to offer its services as a stock exchange and clearing house in the emirate

FTX initially focuses exclusively on institutional investors in Dubai. This concerns both custody and trading of cryptocurrencies, both in terms of the spot market and through derivative products.

Bitcoin payments are neutral. It is sometimes referred to as ‘the enemy’s money’. This takes on a literal meaning in Ukraine. More than $2.2 million in crypto has been sponsored to pro-Russian militias, according to research by Chainalysis.

These are donations to pro-Russian groups present in Ukraine. Chainalysis writes that they have mapped 54 organizations that have benefited from crypto donations.

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