Get rid of plastic, use paper packaging

FÜRTH – Plastic is a wonderful packaging material, but it has long caused major problems for our planet. Fortunately, there are good alternatives available. Packaging made of paper and cardboard offers many advantages and is an important business card for the products it contains.

Because of the many advantages that plastic offers, its use has continued to grow in popularity around the world since its large-scale introduction around 1950. It is cheap, light, transparent (an advantage of packaging material) and easy to print with text and pictures. It can be made in all possible shapes and is very durable. It doesn’t go away. And that is also a problem. In 2017, the world produced almost 350 million tons of plastic. In 2050, with the current trend, there will be around twelve billion tonnes. More plastic is added than we can clean up. We are also rapidly depleting our stock of petroleum in the ground due to the production of plastic.
The only way to reduce pollution is to use much less and more recyclable plastic. But people can also contribute in other ways – and entrepreneurs in particular.

Paper and cardboard
One of these ways is to use other packaging materials. For example, the materials paper and cardboard are a wonderful sustainable alternative to plastic and are rapidly gaining popularity. The advantages are therefore that:

  • It is renewable and easily reusable
  • Paper and cardboard have had the highest recycling rate for years
  • Consumers find paper and cardboard by far the most environmentally friendly packaging

There are also many innovations in paper packaging in various areas. Think about production, new and improved barriers, choice of raw materials and smarter design.

Market strategy
More and more people want to actively do something to prevent plastic pollution. Consumers are therefore increasingly choosing food in paper packaging.
Are you planning to offer more products in paper packaging? Pay attention to a design and colors that fit well with your company’s identity. The print quality of the design on the packaging and the use of high-quality paper also play a big role. The packaging is the first thing the customer sees and therefore an important business card for the purchase.
Communicate the use of the new packaging to your staff so they can inform the customer. You might also consider making the switch from plastic to paper public. After all, working with more sustainability is received very positively by consumers and gives your company’s image a huge boost.

Other interesting packaging material
Paper and cardboard remain at the forefront as sustainable packaging material. But there are a number of interesting developments that may play a bigger role in the future:

  1. PLA food packaging. PLA stands for polylactic acid or polylactide. These packaging are made from vegetable and fully renewable raw materials dextrose and lactic acid.
  2. Bio-based packaging and drinking bottles. Bio-based plastics are made from different raw materials cellulose and sugarcane residues, sawdust or crop residues.
  3. Packaging for elephant grass. Absolutely no mineral oil is used in production and the packaging is completely biodegradable.

As an entrepreneur, you can therefore make a major contribution to combating pollution. Plastic should not be banned completely, but drastically reduce its use and choose sustainable alternatives from paper, cardboard or bioplastics.
Also talk to your supplier. Delivery of food in more environmentally friendly packaging may be possible (in the future).

Source: Madavisen

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