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NewsParadise expands. Poptemplet has bought the adjacent building site between Singelgracht and Weteringschans. A new underground entrance and a five-storey building, possibly including a new music hall, will be built on the site.

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The purchase is an ‘essential part’ of Paradiso’s major renovation and new construction plans. In its own words, the well-known pop temple falls short when it comes to sound density and durability.

A new five-storey building will be built on the purchased land, where offices and showrooms will be built. There will also be a new underground entrance, which will lead visitors to the current music halls.

Klaas Hummel

Paradiso is buying the land from real estate investor Klaas Hummel, who in 2019 was acquitted of appraisal fraud charges after a lengthy legal battle. In a response, Hummel says that he is happy that the square in the center of Amsterdam is getting a cultural destination. “I have a warm heart for Paradiso, so I’m happy to bend over backwards to make this possible,” says the entrepreneur.

Paradiso director Geert van Itallie is also overjoyed that the deal has been completed. “This is a unique opportunity for us. Your neighbor’s land only comes up for sale once, so we are very pleased with Mr. Hummel’s gracious willingness to help make the transaction of this coveted piece of land possible.”

Abandoned since 1880

The lot next to Paradiso has been empty since 1880. Several plans have been made for it over the years. For example, a hotel was to be built, and there were plans for a nursery and a kitchen garden. Barlaeus also wanted the land earlier, but the plans never materialized.

“We have made a design of what we would like to build, but of course the question is whether it is also permitted,” says spokesman Jurry Oortwijn on behalf of Paradiso. The financing and issuance of permits has not yet been completed.

In addition to office space, the preliminary design of the new building also includes a new music hall. “Of course it would be very cool. But first we have to find out what is possible and what it will all cost. Buying the land was the crucial first step.”

The expansion and renovation is expected to take ten years. When finished, the pop stage must be energy neutral and soundproof.

The plans for the expansion of Paradiso: many office spaces, new entrance and possibly a new music hall.
The plans for the expansion of Paradiso: many office spaces, new entrance and possibly a new music hall. © Typex

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