Surprises, entertainment and lots of fireworks at Tomorrowland 2022

On many bucket lists, this festival is high on the list: Tomorrowland. For many people, ticket sales are already turning gray hairs, let alone the festival itself after 3 years of silence, because this year it lasts no less than 3(!) weekends. We scoured the meadow to see what there is to experience these weekends. That more than 400,000 partying visitors preceded us is not really noticeable on the page. De Schorre in Boom is looking good again.

Main stage

Stepping into the campers of ‘Dreamville’, you immediately encounter the huge main stage. Over a stretch of around 270 metres, the weekend’s protagonist shines in a bay, surrounded by the VIP deck and the special Tomorrowland Restaurant. The gigantic scene is a picture, worked out in detail. As if you are in a movie, with futuristic elements. It even includes fountains!

A few fun facts at a glance:

  • 53 (!) meters high
  • 270 meters wide
  • 990 square meters of video screens
  • 1,273 lights
  • 214 loudspeakers and loudspeakers
  • 61 lasers
  • 18 fountains
Image credits: Tomorrowland

Where in previous years you could sometimes see people sliding down the mountain at the beginning of the hill by the main stage, a beautiful mosaic staircase makes that no longer possible. This staircase was recently completed and completely handcrafted. It’s great to see how Tomorrowland takes care of the maintenance of its website and adds value to it. For example, a real bridge was added in 2014, enriching the site (and making it a bit easier logistically in terms of walking distances).

Secret places

Even a huge party like Tomorrowland has secret, exclusive locations. Also ‘The Hill by FTX’, hidden somewhere on a – the name says it all – hill. Here, surprise acts are staged for a selected group of approximately 350 visitors. The only access requirement is that you must have an activated account on FTX – a trading platform for crypto, NFT and stocks and must hold Tomorrowland NFT. With this you can go to the special stand where you can win an entrance wristband. In previous weekends, Antwerp drum & bass DJ Netsky and Brussels house DJ Lost Frequency already played here.

Tomorrowland 2022 - The Hill by FTX
Image credits: Tomorrowland

The scene recycling

Every year there is a new main stage and of course it costs a lot of money. What is so unique about Tomorrowland is that they reuse the main stage from previous editions in a lucrative way. For example, the beloved theme ‘The Book of Wisdom’ – Mainstage from 2012 – has made its comeback in 2019. A little more extensive, but with the same elements as it looked then. This year you will see the same main stage from 2012/2019 blossoming on the spot, namely under the stage name ‘The Library’. That’s why the festival is consciously concerned with the environment and doesn’t just throw away their old decor.

Library Stage - The Book of Wisdom - Tomorrowland 2022
Image credits: Tomorrowland

Also the main stage in 2010 – yep, so long ago – can still be seen, although not on the festival site itself, but on the campsite ‘Dreamville’. The Rainbow, then used as the main stage, has served as the gateway to Dreamville for years. It’s nice to see how creative the organization is in this.

Recycling phase - Tomorrowland 2010 2022
Illustration: Monique Biermans – Festileaks | Image credits: Tomorrowland

New in 2022: Core stage

Hidden deep in the forest is a giant head unit with a DJ deck built underneath. As for me, one of my favorite stages in this edition is Tomorrowland. CORE is a new collaboration between Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland, born from the shared love of festivals. this phase – named after the festival of the same name in Brussels that took place in May this year – offers a venue for techno stars like Adriatique, Rebekah and DJ Tennis. Dreaming away while enjoying a delicious dose of techno is guaranteed here.

CORE internship Morgenland 2022
Image credits: Tomorrowland

Fragrance marketing

After two weekends filled with thousands of partygoers, you’d think the page would be worn out. However, this is not the case at all. It even smells really fresh. How did it happen? Fragrance installations are located throughout the site. They ensure that a mixture of freshness is blown onto the meadow from time to time.

Photo credits: Monique Biermans

The day ends with a fantastic show on the main stage. Hardwell has the honor of doing this on Friday. Dance with a touch of hardstyle, that’s the Breda DJ’s new trademark. The cove is filled to the brim with visitors from all over the world. It’s a real light show that makes your mouth drop open. As the final fireworks shoot into the sky, Hardwell shouts, “Thank you all so much!”

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