Test drive MG Marvel R: Luxury from the assembly line

MG has made its comeback in the Dutch street scene for a number of years now. They did that with previously all kinds of electrified gasoline models from China and now for the first time with a real electric car designed as an electric car. Marvel R, that is. The MG Marvel R is a luxury SUV that, with a certain whimsy, takes a look at the big boys like the Kia EV6 and Hyundai IONIQ 5.

forces Weaknesses
+ Design – Screen
+ Standard equipment – Lane Keep Assist
+ Practical and simple – Dental diseases

What is MG Marvel R?

MG Marvel R is the first luxury car from the car brand acquired by China. Previously, they brought us hybrid and electric cars like the ZS (EV) and EHS. These are all no-nonsense SUVs/crossovers that do what they’re supposed to. The Marvel R is a real competitor to today’s luxury EV SUVs. For example, I mention the IONIQ 5 and EV6, where the Marvel R is just a bit bigger than the EV6. MG calls it a ‘coupe SUV’, we disagree. It’s an electric SUV, not a coupe.

The design of MG Marvel R is new, different, futuristic but not strange. At least not weirder than, for example, the two aforementioned EV SUVs. The front has a continuous LED strip that fits well with the driving lights. The headlights are slightly lower in the bumper. We get a lot of Audi vibes behind it. It’s perfectly fine, so something new is something recognizable. The car looks great, beautiful lines, a pronounced design, but still quiet and understated. The rims are detailed and beautifully made, the real eye-catchers on the Marvel R.

The version we received is fully named MG Marvel R Luxury. No hassle with different ‘lines’ and ‘editions’, no. Just choose between Luxury and Performance, hatsa, clear. The car is powered by two electric motors that together produce 132 kW (179 hp). The rear wheels are driven and the car has around 410 Nm of torque. The luxury version does 0-100 km/h in 7.9 seconds, while the Performance does it in an impressive 4.9 seconds. The Marvel R has a battery pack with a usable capacity of 65 kWh. With a fast charging capacity of 94 kW, your MG Marvel R is about eighty percent full in forty minutes.

How does he drive?

As you walk towards the MG Marvel R, you are greeted by a symphony of electric motors that open the door handles and mirrors. The LED mustache is also elegantly illuminated from both sides until the strip is fully illuminated. When you sit down and take a seat in the comfortable leather seats, you press the start button. The screens spring to life somewhat questionably and you can begin your journey. The shifter is a knob and the handbrake doesn’t even have a button anymore. It goes completely by itself. Well, gas up that lollipop!

In MG Marvel R you can set various things. In this way, you can choose how much the car brakes on the engine, it has to charge up. This function is referred to very clumsily with the word ‘Rain’, which is of course the short version of the English word ‘Regeneration’ and not our weather phenomenon. You can also select driving mode, Eco, Normal and Sport. In the drop-down menu on the screen, you can also switch off Hill Descent Control and your ESP if you want to drive more clumsily or uncertainly.

Marvel R runs smooth, light and simple. When you accelerate, you go faster, and when you brake or let off the gas, you slow down. No abracadabra. Steering is smooth and so is the rest. The car’s suspension is comfortable and neither too hard nor too soft. The mirrors give you enough visibility, yet the view from the cockpit is fine. Much about the driving experience of the MG Marvel R is fine. Not absurdly good and certainly not bad. Just good.


What we really liked is the design of the MG Marvel R. When we first saw it, it was a awkward meet. But the longer we knew each other, the more we liked to see him. The appearance is beautiful, elegant and pleasant to look at. It doesn’t have to be that complicated for MG, the world is already complicated enough. Both interior and exterior of the car are beautifully designed and please our eyes. But between all the elegant lines, the Marvel R is uniquely designed. It looks a bit like other cars in some places, but not at all in others. We think he succeeded.

Then we come to a plus of not only Marvel R, but actually also part of the whole MG. Marvel R is available from 47,000 euros and a little. But then you already have everything. Well, almost everything. You buy an MG like this: You choose a model, you choose a version, you choose a color and possibly an interior color at extra cost and that’s it. No extra options, no extensive menu. You just get everything. Pat, done. This means that for the starting price of 47,000 and a small euro you immediately have everything. Large glass sunroof, heated and ventilated leather front seats, large screen, electric tailgate, you name it. The only thing you don’t have is more speed and power. It is the performance version. You get more omph from a third engine and sports seats. Voila, it’s that simple. And that too fewer So a standard (note: standard!) EV6 or, yes, NEW NIRO.

The MG Marvel R is light, practical and simple. It’s an SUV with high entry, excellent range, spacious boot and rear seats and plenty of interior storage space. It’s just a really good car-car. You can easily take people with you, you can carry a lot of stuff with you, pull a trailer (up to 750 kg) and charge relatively quickly. It is also easy to use.

Weak points

Screens today come in many shapes and sizes. The one in the MG Marvel R is no exception. Large and pontifical in the center of the dashboard, the screen appears half at an angle. It’s a shame that the screen quite often doesn’t respond well to your inputs. Then you drive to adjust the temperature and then it doesn’t work if you have to try again six times. It’s especially annoying if there isn’t a physical button for many things. It’s a shame that the screen is such a big part of the interior and it doesn’t work very well.

The MG Marvel R has Lane Keep Assist. By that I mean to say ‘a present and annoying computer program that you are only too happy to swing into the guardrail’. Unfortunately, it is the most present and violent lane assistant I have ever experienced. Fortunately, he can get out. Unfortunately, you have to do this by navigating some menus every time you start the car. It’s annoying. Fortunately, the MG press person told us that this option may appear in the drop-down menu with an update. We think this is a reasonable solution.

The MG Marvel R suffers from some childhood ailments. You can see that in some places it was the first time that they had to design parts or systems. Think of the cruise control. It sits on a third stick behind the steering wheel that you can actually move in twenty-seven thousand ways. Press, turn, push, pull, up and down. It is complicated and unnecessary. In addition, the car often gives error messages that are not true at all. An orchestra of beeps starts when you start, while all indicated errors like ‘center console won’t start’ turn out to be bullshit. Often the card in your instrument cluster won’t start. Annoying. Fun to mention is that the navigation only speaks in English at the moment and that not all words on the home screen are capitalized OR in Dutch. Let’s say they do their best with the language.


As I have just explained, ordering an MG Marvel R is very simple. You choose the model, colors and version and then you are done. No further options. What you get is a very rich standard equipment. Think heated and ventilated seats, large panoramic sunroof, electric tailgate with ‘kick function’, leather upholstery, blind spot assistant, good navigation, cruise control, a BOSE sound system, all that rambam.

The only, and we mean only, options you can choose are the following: the color, the choice between the black, brown and gray interior and then the luxury or performance version. Done. Just put in your shopping cart and order.

Conclusion driving test MG Marvel R

MG Marvel R is an excellent luxury EV SUV with many pleasant features. It drives well, has many practical advantages and the range is fine. The car has a beautiful design and a pleasant and comfortable interior. Unfortunately, there are some strange things like the many error messages, the lane assistant or the cruise control. It’s a shame, because otherwise it’s a really nice car.

The MG Marvel R is available from EUR 47,485. Our car costs, you guessed it, 47,485 euros.

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