How to make a broken relationship fun again

Is Netflix night every night and only sleeps in the bedroom? A well-known sign that your relationship is in a bit of a slump. No need for emergency couples therapy. Every couple knows that oops and lows. Need relationship tips to wake up your drowsy relationship? With the necessary (self) reflection and some motivation, you give yourself love life a lift. We tell you a few golden relationship tips.

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Look at yourself first

When we look at what is ‘wrong’ – or what could be improved – in our relationship, we are quick to blame our other half for all sorts of shortcomings. First, look at what you can do better in the relationship. Do you take out your own frustrations on your partner? Are you still positive in the relationship? Are you too strict with others? Do you do what you want others to do? Are you really there for him or her? Make a (mental) list of improvement points for yourself and commit every day to getting the best out of your relationship. You can’t change other people’s behavior, you can change your own.

Go on a date!

One of the biggest pitfalls in a (long-term) relationship is routine. Routine gives structure to life and relationships, but for many people it also means that it can become boring. Almost every couple has to deal with this. When we stop trying to impress our partner, we become complacent. We become lethargic and every day becomes almost the same… Get up, work, dinner, Netflix, sleep and the next day the same tune. The excitement dies by never adding anything new to your day or week. It doesn’t have to be an extreme change like a three month trip around the world. Going on regular dates is a good start. Dress up for each other and have each other’s full attention. So leave the smartphones at home! Be careful: don’t make this a routine job either. Choose a different day, restaurant or date idea regularly. Even better: surprise each other!

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A good conversation

At the beginning of your relationship, your noses were in the same direction, but as the crush fades and the relationship becomes more serious, disagreements grow. In principle, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s boring to agree too, isn’t it? When this creates obstacles for the future in your relationship, it can be a problem. This disagreement can drive a wedge and cause other relationship problems. Do you feel this playing into your relationship? One of the best relationship tips is to keep communicating well. In this case, a good conversation is not superfluous. Play open cards with each other. State your concerns, what you expect from each other and from you and your joint future. And remember one of the other best relationship tips: Compensation is part of it.

Flirt with each other again

Why? Why not! You can always flirt. Compliments, a playful tap on the butt, a wink during dinner. These are short moments, but they can make a big difference. This lets you know that you don’t take the other for granted and that you still find the other attractive. A sweet, sincere compliment in the morning and his/her day can’t go wrong. So: flirting is also possible in a relationship.

Evaluate your sex life

Relationship tips also include tips about your sex life. If you’re in a long-term relationship, you’ll be less likely to rub each other’s clothes off. It’s part of it and it’s not a big deal. An evening of ultimate fun with each other can be just as nice as a big frolic if you have a long relationship. But… when a relationship has broken down, something (exciting) often happens between the sheets. Are you both still satisfied with your intimate moments? Try to have an open conversation about this. Can it be more, less, longer, shorter? Can you or he/she show more initiative? Trying new things together in sexuality breathes new – well – life into your sex life. Make a list together of everything you want to try again in the bedroom (or outside), and also discuss what you already like! Once in a while you have to choose something from the list. Are you having a hard time getting ahead of this? You can read relationship tips about this here: 10 ways to initiate sex.

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