TIBCO Cloud Integration gets new iPaaS functionality

TIBCO announces major new additions to TIBCO Cloud Integration, the iPaaS solution based on TIBCO Cloud. This opens up new opportunities to integrate applications, data and devices in hybrid environments, helping customers achieve their goals in today’s volatile world.

TIBCO Cloud Integration helps automate business processes and integrate digital assets across the organization. By accelerating and simplifying app development, organizations can now respond even faster to market trends, giving them a competitive advantage.

“To excel in today’s challenging and competitive market, a focus on data is essential. By properly leveraging data, organizations can turn challenges into opportunities,” said Randy Menon, senior vice president and general manager, Connect and TIBCO Cloud, TIBCO. “TIBCO Cloud delivers scalable and flexible solutions that drive integration across all systems, operations and processes. Together, we ensure that our customers can harness the power of real-time data.”

TIBCO Cloud offers new innovations that accelerate the connection of apps, data and devices using a digital SaaS platform. These updates provide significant value to customers, such as:

  • Delivers solutions faster. From design to implementation, users are supported with artificial intelligence, designers of integration solutions are assisted with recommendations and smart design patterns. Data integration developers are assisted through AI/ML-based smart mapping technology. This creates mapping recommendations based on deep learning based on previous mapping choices.
  • Greater flexibility. With unified decision management and governance, business users can easily consolidate decisions from across the organization. This allows users to delegate decision-making authority to a shared service in TIBCO Cloud and reduce inconsistent decision-making.
  • Quickly extract business value from events. The development of event-driven solutions has also become much easier thanks to the new capabilities of TIBCO Cloud. A new API Modeler enables designing AsyncAPIs for Apache Kafka. Teams share and discover event-driven APIs via a registry in TIBCO Cloud. Based on the designs made and this registry, an event publisher or subscriber can be generated via a point-and-click functionality, much faster than developing custom code.

TIBCO has also partnered with Automation Hero, adding smart document processing capabilities to the already extensive capabilities of TIBCO Cloud Integration. This allows customers to unlock valuable data that was previously difficult to access. “We are the industry leader in automating any document-centric process and have partnered with TIBCO to ensure customers can unlock the tremendous value hidden in unstructured data. This data is often locked in documents and traditionally required a lot of manual work to unlock them,” says Stefan Groschupf, founder and CEO of Automation Hero. “The combined solution will be available through the TIBCO Cloud Integration marketplace and enable the use of advanced AI document processing with just a few click.”

“TIBCO’s ability to connect and integrate everything from any source has played a significant role in dramatically reducing time to market for our new automation and integration initiatives,” said Fabio Tormen, chief information officer at Venchi. “The flexibility that TIBCO Cloud Integration offers is one of the main reasons why we are now able to quickly and easily collaborate with new partners and accelerate our growth in new markets.”

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