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It was actually too good to be true. Or rather, he was too good to be true. Dude, my last Tinder match was one in a million. He was from Paris – l’histoire se répète. He was warm, smooth and – lucky me – in Amsterdam for a week. “I’m going to visit some friends,” he said. But that week of visiting friends quickly turned into a romantic mini-vacation with me. And that’s what I needed after the last few flaps.

get ice cream

I even suggested a first date. “Shall we have an ice cream?” I asked in the afternoon on the sweltering Tuesday (A crème glacée is another mouthful immediately). Ideal, such an ice date in the summer. Because: it’s more original than ‘having a drink’ for a first acquaintance, it’s delicious low keyyou immediately get to know someone’s taste, it would just be one sexy mood and when the ice is gone, you can quickly squeeze out again.

I melted

Once on a bench with our ice cream, I didn’t want to run though. If the ice cream was meant to be cooling, I was getting hotter by the second from Guy. He was even more handsome in person than in his profile pictures he was smooth and shower me with compliments. He was cute and flirty, but not overly so. Occasionally he touched me just a little too long (touché) so that not only my limoncello balls melted like crazy. After I finished my gelato, we did another round of Vondelpark and said a lot of goodbyes: kissing in front of my apartment.

In the same boat

I wasn’t quite sure what Guy’s Amsterdam schedule looked like for that week, but the next morning he checked in with me right away. “Bonjour belle! Do you want to sail along the canals?” he suggested. Not only for tourists, but also for me, still one of the best ways to experience Amsterdam from the water. I got in a boat with him, we went out to eat, and that night he stayed with me. We knew that with 38 degrees it would probably be the hottest day of the summer…


The next day too, Guy was stuck. It seemed as if the friends he was supposed to visit didn’t exist at all (is imaginary). Guy was on vacation with me in my own city.

We were inseparable for five days. I even took Guy out one night to meet my girlfriends. Which in my group of friends corresponds to ‘meet the parents’. They all agreed with me: “This is your man!” That papillons in my stomach was working overtime. Guy seemed to have everything I was looking for. He was attentive, sweet, caring, called me all day’wife’ (he needed to know how good I am). And he already hinted at a future together. He would move in with me in Amsterdam or I would face a life as a Parisienne. Anyway, things were looking rosy for me with this stud.

Amour infinite

The following days I showed Guy my favorite places in 020. I was his local guide. He got it all inside information, plus some great extras… But all good things come to an end; he had to go back to the real city of love. We both had knots in our stomachs. But “Paris was only a five hour drive” (where had I heard that before) and we could visit each other every weekend if we wanted to. With my flexible work, I could even quietly book some midweek in Paris. May this romance last forever… Vive l’amour.

home match

After a long snooze, he got into his Audi on Monday morning. Except for his first Monday in Amsterdam, he had not seen a friend. However, we had experienced the ultimate holiday love together. It was the summer of love.. a delicate daydream.. (singer Shawn Mendes was already singing in my head)

Tinder date in the extension

“Come safe?” I texted him in the evening. Then never to hear anything again. The WhatsApp ticks went from 1 gray (maybe the battery on his phone is dead), to 2 gray (he received it) to blue (he just saw it and is not responding?!). It was also quiet the next day. The Tinder scammer strikes again… Guy probably had a different cutie in every city and with me the ultimate Amsterdam experience arranged for himself. To him, this had probably just been an extended Tinder date. Smart boy. And why would you keep in touch afterwards? Ghost is the trend and if it ever visits Amsterdam again, it is next local guide only one swipe awaynot true?

amour free

And I? Besides surprising myself by always being a hotel debotel so quickly, I’m no longer surprised. I’ll keep turning off my feelings a little longer, and when I ever get fished out of that dating pool, I’ll probably have an ice cube where my heart once was (insert: icebox from Omarion). On the other hand, I have had a holiday boyfriend without having to book a trip. And that ghost comes naturally. Aunt piss!


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