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Holiday with little onesThe time has finally come: summer vacation. Going out with the children, enjoying each other and the freedom. But then everything turns out to be against you and you come home exhausted instead of rested. This week: Iris Korpershoek swapped a dilapidated holiday park for a more expensive one, where her son was subsequently injured.

“For years we did the same thing with holidays, but last year we thought: it’s time for something new. Through a mother from the school, I took part in a kind of surprise holiday where you don’t know in advance where you will end up. It costs a little, but an adventure! We passed on our preferences and requirements to the intermediary, received an envelope with coordinates on the day of departure and ended up at a recently renovated holiday park in Friesland. With a swimming lake, because my three sons aged 9, 5 and 2. I myself was pregnant with son number four at the time.”

do a test

“After one look at the lake, I already knew enough. It looked dirty and was nothing more than a pool of standing water. The owner wasn’t sure if it was safe to swim in. He might do a test tomorrow, he said. Weight of any So I had to inform my boys that there would be no swimming for the time being; I was immediately down 10-0. They were bloody grumpy.”

“The accommodation itself was also quite special. According to the site it had been extensively renovated, but we found it very rickety. In the toilet, the wallpaper was half down, the house was full of flies and mosquitoes. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get those animals away. It would be kid-friendly, but it had a scary, steep staircase with alternating steps. Being pregnant, I hardly dared to take it off. The reserved camping bed for our youngest turned out to be a very crazy size. He couldn’t even stretch his legs. I sat up with him for two nights because he wouldn’t sleep while I was swatting flies off my forehead.”


On the first day, my eldest fell in the water park and immediately had to go to the hospital with a serious wound

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serious wound

“We then gave up early, complained to the intermediary, but received no compensation. I was completely done with it: after two years of corona we could finally go on holiday again, paid a lot of euros and then this. When I was home, I arranged a long weekend in an expensive park in Holland, in a comfortable house. The hundreds of mosquitoes that had been killed on the wall, including blood spatter, made me sick. I let it go; at least there was a great water park at the swimming lake. The kids loved it.”

“But: on the first day my eldest fell in that water park, got stuck with his arm in a noose and had to go straight to the hospital with a serious wound. It wasn’t broken, but a year later he still has pain and movement problems. As a mother of boys, I am used to something that is always something. You don’t drive me crazy that easily. But last year’s summer vacation was truly disastrous. And smash expensive all in all. For this year’s park, I did extra research into the swimming lake, and to be sure, I also wanted a good swimming pool. Put on your swimming trunks and go with those men.”

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