Dazzling and eye-catching football shirts in Europe

It is often said that there is no arguing about taste. But it should be clear that this team of new football shirts from European teams is ‘different’. The most distinctive jerseys of the 22/23 season in a row, sometimes to get you drunk. Now that the Eredivisie starts tomorrow night, we also talk about Ajax and Feyenoord’s football shirts.

A new shirt for a new season is always a moment for fans to cheer or cry. In any case, designers for European clubs have done their best with the design of the football shirts for 22/23. With varying results.

Brilliant football shirts for the 22/23 season

While some clubs get to play in bizarre creations, there are also clubs like Arsenal and Liverpool whose shirts are simply super basic to be. It really doesn’t need to pop, but this is just boring.

soccer jerseys Arsenal
Nice ode to days gone by, but not striking. Photo: Adidas / Arsenal

Even so, there are quite a few clubs and designers who go one step further in the 22/23 season. Or a little too far? We list a team for you.

1. Atletico Madrid (home)

No, you’re not drunk, Atletico Madrid’s classic home shirt has been given wavy stripes by Nike. It should be clear what the advantage is: the opponent will undoubtedly get a headache when he sees these football shirts on the field.

Atletico Madrid
That way you can get your opponent drunk. Photo: Nike

2. Juventus (home)

Adidas also thought it was time to do something ‘special’ with the Juventus shirt. In addition to the classic solid stripes now consisting of small triangles, there is another special addition. The Jeep sponsor logo has a Thorlike lightning through it. Bold as fans were already unhappy with the club’s new JJ logo.

soccer jerseys Juventus
Exciting design. Photo: Adidas / Juventus

3. Sint-Truiden (home)

Although the Belgian Sint-Truiden is not exactly a big club on a European level, they play in distinctive football shirts in the 22/23 season. The clothing brand Macron has provided the design with a kind of waffles (?). The away shirt also has that design, in black with gold, and to be honest that shirt looks a lot nicer.

Sint Truiden
Play chess? Photo: Macron

4. Venice FC (home)

We understand that Venezia FC respects the colors of the Italian flag and the orange-green of the club. The KAPPA football shirt for home matches is therefore beautiful. And yet something gnaws: it’s pretty much like that three little birdsjersey from Ajax.

Venice soccer jerseys
Baby take it easy… Photo: Kappa / Venezia FC

5. Chelsea (away)

We have no idea which little kid at Nike was allowed to design this shirt, but it’s definitely ‘different’. The font for the number (and probably also the player’s name) is special. We have to admit that the color aqua green and white go well together.

Quite the 90s. Photo: Nike / Chelsea

6. Feyenoord (third shirt)

Ajax once had a beautiful shirt in pink and black. Feyenoord is now making it thin. Would the legion be happy with these football shirts?

soccer jerseys Feyenoord

7. Ajax (away)

As massively as Bob Marley’s football shirts were adored, there is as much criticism of Ajax’s away kit for the 22/23 season. We have no idea why Adidas chose a necklace and bracelet, at least it’s Andrew’s cross. From today on sale via the Ajax webshop.

soccer jerseys Ajax
A shirt with St. Andrew’s cross. Photo: Adidas

8. France (home)

We cover an entire country, because this shirt from Nike is simply beautiful (in the opinion of many). It has a print of azure and dark blue, with motifs of waves, flowers and branches. It is certainly a beautiful shirt for the French for the upcoming World Cup.

Reminds us of the time when Ajax still played in UMBRO. Photo: Nike

9. Netherlands (women, away shirt EC 2022)

Besides the fact that the Dutch women were disappointing in football at the EC (they did better than the men, by the way), the away shirt didn’t help either. No doubt someone at Nike googled ‘Mondriaan’ to design the eye-catching football shirts.

soccer jerseys Orange lionesses

10. NAC Breda (out)

NAC had a hard time last season. From great results to hard losses, and that within a few weeks. The fact is that the club has a nice away shirt for the 22/23 season. And as appropriate as it is: With sponsors on the shirt like OK and Vrolijk, it should be a boost in morale. Then go NAC (but also other Dutch teams).

Is it ‘and an ocean’? Or just naked? Photo: Nike / NAC

11. Liverpool out

Like Atletico Madrid, Liverpool also seem to want to play their opponents drunk with dizzying football shirts. It only concerns the away shirt for the 22/23 season.

soccer jerseys Liverpool
trippy! Photo: Nike

Of course, such a list is quite subjective. So the question for you: what are the most unusual, ugliest and most beautiful shirts for the 22/23 season?

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