Next: the kids from Teen Mom 2 are now teenagers themselves, and this is what they look like

When we realized that the kids from Teen Mom are now teenagers themselves, we had to take a deep breath

1) Leah with Aliannah and Aleeah

You probably remember Leah and her twins Aliannah and Aleeah. One of the two had some problems with his development at a young age and also had to use glasses very early on. You probably remember them like this:

But get ready for today’s shock as the twins are now 12 and this is what they look like now:

2) Chelsea and Aubree

Chelsea and Aubree also appeared in season two of Teen Mom. She had her baby with Adam Lind, but that relationship didn’t last, and in a recent update, Aubrey revealed that they’re still not very close. Chelsea is now married to Cole and she had three children with him: Watson, Layne and Walker. Below you can see Chelsea and Aubree as we know them from Teen Mom:

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And this is what Aubree looks like now:

Chelsea herself, who is now 30, is also quite unrecognizable. Below you can see her with her husband Cole:

3) Kailyn and Isaac

We also got to know Kailyn and Isaac in 16 and Pregnant and later they appeared in Teen Mom 2. Then the duo looked like this:

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Little Isaac is now a teenager at twelve(!), and earlier this year Kailyn took to Twitter in a 10-year challenge to share what the duo looks like now:

4) Jenelle and Jace

At Jenelle, we’ve all wondered how it will ever work/maybe more than the rest. Most of all, we got to see her and her mother Barbara yelling at each other.

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But we can reassure you. Everything seems to have gone ok with the two. Jace is now 12 and Jenelle is 30. She regularly posts updates on Instagram about Jace and her other two children, because yes, she is now a mother of three and married since 2017. Below you can see what Jace and Jenelle look like now :

It was that again. Feeling so old again?

Teen Mom is a spin-off of 16 and Pregnant. Both programs have been broadcast on MTV. The series followed teenagers who became pregnant at a young age and then had to figure out their lives as mothers. The first season aired in 2009. A total of 9 seasons were made by Teen Mom. A total of 6 seasons were made of 16 And Pregnant, the last season of which aired in 2014.

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