Part 16: How is Renate Goossensen who emigrated to France?

That Renate Goossensen emigrated from Ermelo to France together with Bart and the children Jaya and Tara and the dogs was a complete surprise to many. But she likes to keep us informed about the ins and outs of the new start! Today part 16. Click HERE for previous episodes.

Gossip Circuit!

Irresponsible and selfish?
Even before we left the country, we received some messages that it is irresponsible and selfish to do this to the children. Where do people get the audacity to judge enterprising and adventurous people like that? With statements like this, millions of expats around the world are instantly called crazy. We believe that we make our children world wise and also show other sides of this beautiful world. Cultures where people treat each other with respect, where compassion and charity are normal.

Negative tam-tam
When I was still living in the Netherlands, I was already regularly bothered by the gossip circuit in my profession as a dance teacher. When Bart and I got together, Bart was even told to watch out for a public figure like me. But even 1200 km away the negative tam-tam manages to reach us. We are now going through life as the unhappy family that emigrated and people are wondering when we will return to Holland. How? Just because we’ve announced we’re moving? Very short-sighted, I say myself.

Angry and sad
It does something to me when I hear stories like this. It makes me angry, but also quite sad at the same time. I’m just a sensitive person, whether it’s a gossip or an expectation that the other person has for you that you can’t live up to. It does something in me that I have a hard time dealing with. So how to deal here?

life experience
I always thought I was strong in my shoes, but now that I live in France I feel that I need to develop more. And because things like this are said about us, you see a big difference in how I react to this or Bart, call it life experience. I recently read a piece of text that said; ‘The relationship with the other is not only through the relationship with the other, the relationship with the other is mainly through the relationship between you and yourself’.

And even if we live in France, Holland or in a cabin on the heath, it is my journey, it is our family’s journey, the journey we make with ourselves, where we gain new experiences and which takes us to another level. to experience new developments. Hallelujah, I’m so happy about it! And no, it’s not the right place for us here on the hill, but that doesn’t change the fact that in one year we’ve been able to experience so many beautiful things, meet so many lovely people and make us so much stronger on our own journey of discovery! Amen😊

And on my own journey of discovery I am now Mrs. Souwerbren. Je suis tres heureux. Every night I fall asleep with Bart’s kind words; ‘Goodnight Madame Souwerbren, J’adore’.

Good conversation
Speaking of the French language, I am getting better and better. Had a great conversation with Philippe and Laurence last week. Google translate was of course used, but I was talked to a lot during lunch. Sometimes I even dream in French. I love life in France, but now I really have to start talking about the weather like a Dutchman!

dirty hot
How hot it is here! The French sparrows almost fall off the roof, the horses eat dry grass every day, the pool feels lukewarm, outside chores can’t be done, and we lock ourselves up in the afternoon. The high temperatures also make us realize that we have to go back anyway. Haha, no, not to the Netherlands, but more to the Dutch temperatures, but then in France.

Focus on another beautiful place
We hope that the sale of our house will go smoothly so that we can focus on another beautiful place and where we can immediately begin working with people in recovery. With the coaching conversations we do and the requests that come in, we can hardly wait to get started. But a little patience. Visits are scheduled for August, so let the buyer walk in. Until then, of course, we will not sit still and we will bring the house to top condition.

How proud!
My parents have been here for the last three weeks and I am happy with the help we have received. I could no longer see a hatch and my father took over. Almost everything hangs back on the house in the bright sun, so we can start again next year 😉. Speaking of my dad, no he didn’t get sunstroke, but he even sat on the horse! How proud you can be of your father!

Back to personal development. I’m glad Bart is letting me in on this. Even if he had to give me a push in the back, or quite frankly a kick in the ass. I am happy to be able to experience this at the age of 38, right here right now.

Not afraid!
Last week, during a coaching interview, I told you that I also have some fears. And that this fear comes back again and again. But now I can say; ‘I don’t want to live in fear’. And while I find it exciting to face certain fears, I really started with them. I want to embrace my fear and thank it for being there because it allows me to develop further! And walked with Bjørn this morning in the forest, the forest where every night we hear the pigs scream, and I sang aloud; ‘I’m not afraid of the wild boars in the forest in the forest, I’m not afraid of the wild boars in the forest…’.

Bisous Renate Goossensen-Souwerbren😊

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