Open garden weekend in Ruurlo and Barchem


Visit 13 and 14 August D’n Uuthook, the Bannink family, De Valk and Hof te Ruurlo

RUURLO/BARCHEM – Four garden enthusiasts in Ruurlo and Barchem will open their gardens again on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 August. Two gardens are located on the outskirts of Ruurlo and are somewhat larger in size. You can also visit two smaller gardens in the village. On both days, interested parties are welcome from 10.30 to 17.00 at D’n Uuthook, Hof te Ruurlo and De Valk in Ruurlo and at the Bannink family in Barchem.

The gardens are not that far apart, so it is possible to do it by bike. The garden of the Bannink family and D’n Uuthook or De Valk are twelve kilometers apart, and Hof te Ruurlo lies between. It’s the height of summer, so there’s a lot to see. Among other things, the annuals and container plants are in full bloom.

D’n Uuthook
Garden D’n Uuthook by Benny and Diny Schepers at 9 Morsdijk in ‘t Ruurlose Broek is a surprising garden on the outskirts of Ruurlo. The area of ​​approximately four thousand square meters is laid out in three parts with a natural pond and two liner ponds. The lawns are surrounded by large borders of perennials that can be found in a wide variety. There are several seating areas where you can enjoy the garden while enjoying a cup of coffee. In case of bad weather, the coffee is ready in the Koffieheuksken, which is decorated like an old farmhouse kitchen and where many old utensils can be seen. More information on the website. Admission: 3.50 euros including coffee or tea.

The Bannink family’s garden
Hermien and Bertus Bannink’s garden at Lochemseweg 6 in Barchem is approximately 850 square meters in size. The garden consists of a front and a back garden, each with its own atmosphere. The lines are tight, but the plants are exuberant. There are several cozy seating areas and corners. Annuals are also used, regardless of whether they are in pots. Many dahlias bloom in late summer. Admission: free gift. Coffee and tea is available.

The Falcon
The De Valk Garden by Dineke Brethouwer at Buitenvelderweg 2 in Ruurlo is a romantic, landscaped garden of over five thousand square meters with many borders. The design is by Harry Esselink and the planting by Dineke himself. The borders consist of special perennials, shrubs and trees. All colors can be found there; red, yellow and orange give a nice effect. It is a garden that visitors can wander through and due to its open nature, there are beautiful views of the surroundings. With the application of many grasses and autumn flowers such as asters and dahlias, the garden is beautiful well into September. In the garden, you are welcome under the ‘mountain’, where you can sit and enjoy. More information on the website. Entrance; 3.50 euros including coffee/tea.

The court in Ruurlo
The garden Hof te Ruurlo by Marcel Borkus at Borculoseweg 40 in Ruurlo is eleven hundred square meters and divided by walls and yew hedges. With the different separate views and corners, it’s always surprising. It is a real collector’s garden. There are many different, often unusual plants in this cottage-like garden, including 550 different types of hostas. Every millimeter is used where plants are placed, weeds have less chance. Many plants, including the hostas/heucheras, are in pots (about seven hundred) so they can be pushed around for a nice effect. There are also ponds as well as terraces and benches, so you can see the garden from different places. Hof te Ruurlo is located next to the Agneta mill. More information on the website. Admission: free gift. Coffee and tea available.
The four gardens have limited access for wheelchairs, walkers and prams. Dogs are not allowed.

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