Yealink offers a complete portfolio of headset solutions through Businesscom

Yealink has worked hard in recent years to expand the range of headsets. This is also due to the rapid emergence of hybrid working methods. There were also a number of introductions at the recent ISE in Barcelona. TPM in conversation with Yealink and distributor BusinessCom about the offer, which is now complete with USB wired headsets, DECT wireless headsets and the new BH7X Bluetooth headsets.

BusinessCom has had Yealink headsets in its portfolio since 2019: Pieter van Eldonk from BusinessCom “To meet the growing demand for headsets and to continue to offer our dealers a one-stop shop experience, we have already launched Yealink headsets in 2019 added to our portfolio Thanks to the success we have sold the headsets we have officially been a direct distributor and importer since January 1st 2021. Yealink now has a complete portfolio of headset solutions both DECT and bluetooth and is therefore a nice addition to our product range.”

Changes due to hybrid work

The trend of hybrid work has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, said Penny Zheng, sales director for Europe & Africa and Latin America at Yealink. “Hybrid work is about the balance between life and work and about the balance between home and office. Working from home can be productive with less travel time, but people miss the connection with colleagues in the office and the creativity you can develop together.

Clearly, hybrid works ehBecoming one of the key scenarios for UC solutions. It calls for changes from the business world and at the same time presents the solution providers with the challenge of delivering good solutions. As Yealink, we have prepared for this. In 2021, Yealink announced Personal Collaboration Devices as its third product line. This year we introduce the Bluetooth Headset series to complete this portfolio. Now we offer a complete range of headsets, cameras and speakers for hybrid work solutions. And we are committed to continuing to develop innovative products to bridge the gap between home and office.”

Pieter adds: Headsets have become increasingly important in recent years. Especially in 2020, this business has exploded due to the COVID-19 virus and the huge demand for work from home solutions that came with it. This trend will continue in the coming years, and headsets will become indispensable in the (home) workplace.”

What does Yealink’s new headset line look like?

Penny: “For the new business headset portfolio, we have the YHS/UH/WH/BH series for RJ/USB/DECT/BT headsets. For the bluetooth-based BH series, we are migrating the noise reduction technology from the Yealink phones to the headset.Furthermore, we have 4 levels ANC and AptX codec for better sound experience.

The BH72/BH76 has a battery life of 35/28 hours, which is important for hybrid work. In terms of design, all BH series are equipped with a retractable, hidden microphone boom and a wireless charging station that works for both the headset and the phone. In this way, it functions as a small workstation, which also saves cables.

For the DECT series, we have a DECT headset with base station, the WH6X series, in dual, mono and convertible form. The dongle version of WH6X will be released in June. Connecting the Yealink WH6X to a Yealink desk phone eliminates the need for our customers to use an electronic pipe switch. This saves costs and ensures full compatibility. Our customers will get better call control and BT connectivity, also a headset icon will appear in the phone menu for easy management.

In addition, the WH6X series is also supported by the Yealink multi-cell DECT system. In stores and restaurants, people with a WH6X headset can freely work in the multi-cell system while pressing their headset to answer/return calls. The ultimate goal is to build a landline/DECT phone with the WH6X to realize a UC ecosystem.

For the USB series, we launched the top model UH38 in January. A multi-functional model with improved headset performance, while having a bluetooth connection with up to 2 additional devices. The controller has a built-in battery and can be disconnected when people temporarily leave their workplace. This makes it a cost-effective model with a premium wired connection like a USB headset plus a flexible connection via Bluetooth for hybrid work.”

Which solution is best suited for which situation?

Penny: “In the office, the Yealink WH6X headset has the advantage of a long range and secure transmission. It is also integrated into the desk phone and the DECT system. To take the WH6X home, we have the dongle version with a case, and for the base station model, we have a separate headset for easy pairing in a hot-desk environment.

The Yealink BH7X headset has noise reduction and AptX codec that guarantees sound experience in offices with an open space. The retractable design of the hidden boom arm is convenient for commuting. At home, it is easy to connect via the soft client and the mobile at the same time by using the wireless charging station as a workstation. The long battery life is also a plus.

The Yealink UH38 is a cost-effective solution for hybrid work. Easy to carry, it supports a stable wired connection in the office and also two additional BT connections at home with a battery life of 7-8 hours when you unplug it.

In addition to the home office environment, the Yealink DECT headset in other industries has the option of switching with Yealink multi-cell and single-cell systems to provide fluid communication and specific functions for use in e.g. retail, healthcare and warehouse such as push – talk, grouping, speed dialing and the like. “

What about the connection to other devices and different platforms?

Penny: “Through 20 years of experience in the UC industry, Yealink is trusted by major platforms that have agreed to certify Yealink headsets with the launch of Yealink personal collaboration devices. Yealink headsets are now compatible with softphone platforms such as Microsoft, Google, Zoom, Broadsoft, 3CX, Swyx, Unify, etc. For phones,

Yealink WH headset and BH headset are compatible with Yealink whole series from T3/T4/T5/MP Phone/Teams Phone/SFB phone. And WH headset also supports third-party phones such as Cisco, Avaya, Poly, etc. The full list of compatibility can be found on Yealink’s official website.”

How can the retailer optimally sell this product group

It is clear to BusinessCom that there are plenty of opportunities for retailers within the headset product group. Finally, Pieter: “It is almost impossible to imagine situations where professional headsets do not provide any benefits, but it is up to the retailer to make the end customers aware of this. Many employees still use consumer headsets at work. In some cases this works fine, but the added value of good sound quality and noise reduction, both in speakers and microphone, is undeniable.”

Who is Yealink

Yealink is a global brand specializing in video conferencing, voice communication and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and user-friendly experience.

As one of the top providers in more than 140 countries and regions, Yealink solutions are trusted by leading carriers, platform partners, ITSPs and system integrators in AMER, APAC and EMEA. Since 2018, Yealink has been No. 1 in the global market share of SIP Phone Transmissions (Global IP Desktop Phone Growth Excellence Leadership Award Report, Frost & Sullivan) and is one of Microsoft’s strategic partners for complete Teams solutions.

Yealink is committed to helping customers optimize their UC experience and embrace the power of “easy collaboration, high productivity.”

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