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Review | SCUF Reflex Pro – To summarize: a long time ago we were able to review the SCUF Impact for PlayStation 4. Not only did this controller feel quite large in the hand, in quality it came across as a DIY controller from someone on AliExpress. Afterwards we got the SCUF Instinct, which we were very excited about, because it can be called an excellent controller. It is of good quality, but the ‘problem’ here is that the Xbox itself also has a sublime pro controller on the market. Sony doesn’t, and that might make the SCUF Reflex a bull’s eye. We were really looking forward to it because Instinct has proven that SCUF can offer good quality and since there is no decent pro controller for PS5 yet, this could be one to fill the gap. Read our results in this review.

Completely to your own taste

A well-known fact, but at SCUF you of course have the opportunity to design your controller to your own taste. There is always plenty of choice, which means everyone has their own design. In addition to many different types of faceplates, you can also adjust the colors of the pins, the rings around the pins, face buttons, shoulder buttons and other parts. You can also choose how you want the handles (concave or convex), whether you want extra grip on them (Reflex Pro) and whether you want vibrations in the controller. And here we really have to take a step back. There are three different types of Reflex controllers that you can buy from SCUF.

So you have Reflex and Reflex Pro. The only difference here is that you have extra rubber grips with the Pro and not with the normal one (recommended by the way). There is another SCUF Reflex FPS and with this controller the vibration modules have been removed and you have access to the trigger stop. We review the Reflex Pro, which also has the haptic and adaptive feedback features. If you don’t need this, at least you know you have an extra option. Prices vary slightly from product to product, but the price tag can generally be called substantial. The prices that we list are the most basic form of the controllers, in other words without colorful adjustments: Reflex (€ 219.99), Reflex Pro (€ 239.99) and Reflex FPS (€ 269.99).

Finally a good pro controller for PS5

Now we come to the unique functionality you want the controller for: the switchable paddles (P1, P2, P3 and P4) that you can find on the back of the controller. These have the same design as the SCUF Instinct. In total, you have four back paddles, each of which you can remap on-the-fly. Above the paddles you will find the profile button. You can switch between 3 profiles and by holding the button you can assign buttons to the rear paddles. A useful feature and one that works properly. Nevertheless, we had hoped that extensive software would now be available to adjust more. For example, it is not possible to adjust the dead zone. Additionally, trigger stops should actually be standard. In the game you can often turn off trigger feedback and then use trigger stop because it’s a little too much of a good thing to buy a very separate controller for a shooter for variety.

If you already feel comfortable with DualSense, then nothing really changes with this controller. Because the whole module with the rear paddle is attached to a DualSense, one would think that comfort could be disturbed. But nothing is less true. Your fingers rest perfectly between the paddles, so you still have good comfort. Ergonomically, it is therefore in tip-top order, whereby we would like to refer everyone to the DualSense review itself in that connection. This is because the buttons on the face buttons, shoulder buttons, touchpad and others feel the same as with DualSense from Sony. The home button and mute button are different though, they are simple flat gray buttons. With the Home button, you can even turn on your PS5, which not all third-party controllers can do. Reflex (Pro) is therefore a DualSense with extra functions, which is great in this case.

The other things are also fine

Another important part of a controller is the sound chip. In short, this too has simply remained unchanged. The sound still has a nice deep bass and the way you can communicate without a headset works just as well. Battery-wise, we don’t really feel like it suffers much from the extra bells and whistles that are on the controller. Although there aren’t many extras. Still, we can’t get past the price tag. While there may not be a decent alternative on the market, and this controller is a really good one, there is no carrying case or software for €239.99. That’s a loss, because in this price range it’s a standard luxury that you’d expect to have.


SCUF has a very good controller with Reflex Pro. It’s literally a DualSense with an extra rear wheel, and it actually took too long for PS5 players to buy such a product. Now PS5 players can finally use a pro controller with PS5 games without restrictions. It’s just a shame that SCUF has free rein to put a hefty price tag on the product and get away with it; there is simply no alternative available. At that price, SCUF can offer a little more in terms of extras, making it more value for money. Think specific software, a carrying case or a hybrid trigger stop mechanism with trigger feedback functionalities, this is missing. The price of €239.99 is very hefty, but we can’t deny that it’s a top controller to use.


  • Has all DualSense features
  • Comfortable
  • Rubber grips are fine
  • Refitting back paddles is easy


  • outrageous price
  • Little in the package

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