Diary of Joyce Londo, co-organizer of children’s games in Steenwijk-West

Residents of this region provide an insight into their daily lives in the form of a diary. This week it is Joyce Londo who, together with Gerrit Spijkerman and Stephan Lambeck, organized the children’s games in the playground between Lijsterbesstraat and Acaciastraat in Steenwijk-West last weekend.

The preparations

Where we started 7 weeks ago with the idea of ​​creating some separate games for the kids, the ideas quickly expanded. From just a hexagram, it became an extra bouncy castle and, after all, we have now even been able to arrange a real obstacle course and belly slide course! The organisation’s enthusiasm also spread to other local residents, because suddenly an app arrived. ‘We have arranged a lovely lemonade clown for the children.’ It is great to see that we want to make this a success together as a district.

During the organization, Gerrit Spijkerman also suggested how nice it would be to organize a neighborhood barbecue. We are all ‘new’ here, and of course this is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other even better. While enjoying a snack and a drink, you end a beautiful day for the children together in the common field. When we had passed all the doors, the reactions were very enthusiastic. At least half of the residents have signed up to participate. A nice turnout for a barbecue in the middle of the construction industry! Through butcher Jan Lubbinge, we arranged a wonderful complete barbecue package, where we even sponsored a couple of barbecues. In this way, we can keep the grill accessible and affordable for everyone.

And then only a week passed before it finally became that time. The flyer is ready and will be shared via Facebook. The games are divided, each volunteer is assigned a part of the hex. In this way, we have maximum overview to guarantee the safety of every child. The materials purchased and/or rented. We are ready!

Saturday 6 August

Saturday 6th August is Day 1! The day has come when we hope to welcome many children to our beautiful field. At 9.30 the first adults are already on the field. We look forward to getting started. Make the final agreements among yourselves and check: “Have we prepared everything?” The bouncy castle is ready and the belly slide is rolled out. The sex match is switched off and the thermos with coffee is filled. Meanwhile, the volunteers are all slowly arriving. Everyone knows what task he/she has, now we just have to wait and see how many children come!

And what a lot of children we have had! The attendance was fantastic. At its busiest, more than 55 children played on the field. From a sack race to a balloon race, there really was something for everyone. As a snack, the children could get a delicious sugar bowl or drink a glass of orange juice from the lemonade clown. After a few hours of uninterrupted play, we ended the day with a delicious hamburger and/or frikandel sandwich. Until tomorrow, a day dedicated to water games. Let’s hope the turnout is just as high tomorrow, because we enjoyed all the happy children.

After all the fun for the kids, it was time for the adults: the neighborhood barbecue. During the day, many of the local residents have already looked at the field or enjoyed themselves with their own children. By 6 p.m., most of the barbecue guests ‘dripped in’. All looking for a place around the grills, no one clicks but cozy together, all together. We have welcomed more than 50 adults, wonderful!

Sunday, August 7

Day 2 arrived. We were back on the course just in time because the big bug slide would be replaced with a real assault course. Even before it was well and good, the first children were already on the field. Ready for another day of play. The volunteers reported and, just like yesterday, we were able to distribute the tasks nicely. Water games were on the agenda. From sponge races to water dodgeball. There was again enough variety for everyone’s wishes. Even today, we could count at least 60 children at the busiest time. Finally, all children were allowed to stand in line for a delicious freshly baked pancake. A number of volunteers have baked at least 150 pancakes to give all children something delicious.

We can talk about a very big success and hope that all the children enjoyed it. For us as an organization it is definitely worth repeating. See you next year!

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