Review | Roccat Kone XP Air

Review | Roccat Kone XP Air – We have now been able to review quite a few Roccat mice. Two of these were the KONE XP and the KONE Pro Air. Now we have received a third variant, which we will take a closer look at in this review, namely the KONE XP Air. It’s a bit of fiddling with the names and it’s not necessarily clear, but a third KONE mouse is not too bad in our opinion. They’re all very solid products so far, so we’re very curious to see how the KONE XP Air stacks up against the rest. The €169.99 price tag should in any case promise a lot.

It looks good this time

KONE XP Air is available in two colors, black and white. We received the white version and must say it looks very good. The plastic sides are solid white parts, while the back is matte transparent on the left and right. Here you’ll find LED lighting that has a wavy design (the scroll wheel also provides some subtle lighting). In previous reviews we have been very vocal about the rather sloppy design of Roccat products. In this case, the wavy LED presentation is a sight to behold. On the butt of the mouse, to top it off, you’ll see a white Roccat logo.

KONE XP Air has quite a few buttons. Below where your thumb rests you will find an Easy Shift button (to give buttons dual functions). Above where your thumb rests you have four shortcut buttons. Below the scroll wheel you have a DPI button with which you can switch between up to five DPI profiles. You can program up to five different DPI settings per profile. To switch between these you also have a plus and minus button with the left mouse button. It might be a little too much of a good thing, but fortunately it can be adjusted. The scroll wheel can also be clicked left and right.

Versatile and long game fun

The mouse brings even more to the table. So you are dealing here with a real palm mouse. It is slightly longer in shape and also feels robust, but never too large. The buttons are very good in feedback. For example, the hotkeys all have the same kind of light mouse click feedback, while the scroll wheel and left and right mouse buttons provide a somewhat heavier mushy feedback. The mouse’s plastic has a smooth finish, so your hand has a little bit of grip. While it feels nice, especially in the more competitive games, a little more grip wouldn’t be an unnecessary luxury. Nevertheless, the design of the KONE XP Air is overall a success.

The battery is also something that can be called very successful. According to Roccat, this should last more than 100 hours. However, this is a bit difficult to gauge due to an extra product that comes in the box. In addition to a long USB-C (to USB-A) cable and a 2.4 GHz USB dongle, there is also a charging station in the package. It’s an ideal part, because you can hang your mouse in it every time to charge the battery a little bit each time, so the full 100 hours of measurement has passed us a little by review. Hanging the mouse in it really hangs, because it is a little loose. If you have limited USB space on your PC, you can also insert the USB dongle into the charging station.

The software offers a lot, but could be smoother

There is a lot to do with Roccat’s software, which goes by the name ‘Roccat Swarm’. You can customize the KONE XP Air down to the last detail. Each button can be remapped, where you also have the option of Easy Shift to do this twice. Additionally, you have a macro manager to configure your macros here and a few other features that need to be set up. This includes adjusting the polling rate (125Hz to 1000Hz), turning angel snapping on or off, calibrating and setting your LOD, and selecting a power saving mode. Of course, you can also adjust the colors of the LED lighting in the mouse and the charging station to your liking. The software only wants to work a little here and there, because sometimes it doesn’t seem to react very responsively to your changed settings. All in all, however, we cannot complain about the many options that the Roccat KONE XP Air offers.


The Roccat KONE XP Air brings a lot with it. You have many buttons on the mouse, a very long battery life, the comfort is okay, the software gives you many options for customization and the charging station is also a very welcome addition to the package. All in all, we can actually be very short. The KONE XP Air is a top mouse, but there are a few minor points of criticism. The gaming mouse feels very smooth and could use more grip, for example by giving it some texture on the plastic. The mouse could also have been hung a little more firmly in the charging station, given that it can now fall off quite easily. All in all, however, you have a very nice gaming mouse for €169.99.


  • Charging station
  • Ergonomically beautiful
  • Software options
  • Lots of buttons
  • Beautiful LED lighting


  • If anything has more grip

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