​6 AI websites to make your life and work much easier

Do you have a poor quality image that you would like to see improved? Do you have something in your hands but don’t know what it’s called? What you don’t know, artificial intelligence knows. After having a really good session with the amazing Dall-E last week, we started looking for more AI tools. You can access these six copies online without having to pay anything, although some sites want to know your email address.

1. Fontjoy

You don’t have to be a designer to deal with choices you have to make in design. Whether it’s designing a flyer, a website or a presentation, chances are there’s a font somewhere. Maybe you want a nice font with it, but you are not quite able to find a font that fits well. Stop trying because Fontjoy will help you. This website helps you generate fonts that work well together and create a visual paradise for the eyes.

2. Things Translator

We often use Google Lens when we have something in our hands that we don’t know what it’s called, but if, for example, you want to see it translated immediately, then it’s better to choose Thing Translator. You can use it especially conveniently when you are on holiday and need to call about e.g. something. Hold your passport in front of the camera for a moment and Thing Translator will tell you what to call it in the other language. But let’s be honest: even if you just don’t know what something is called in your native language, Thing Translator is very useful. There are only ten languages ​​available, but one of those languages ​​is Dutch, and we are very happy about that. Fine detail: Thing Translator comes from Google.

3. Auto drawing

Sometimes you want to draw something, you have it all in your head, but it doesn’t come out quite right on paper. You might want to make a coloring page for your kids or draw something to enhance a presentation. If you’re as good a draftsman as you are the average three-year-old, chances are you’ll welcome Autodraw with open arms. This website lets you draw something and then try to guess what you have in mind. You can tell him if he’s right, then he’ll give you options that are a little better drawn. It’s like playing Pictionary with artificial intelligence, where you also get something better in return.

4. Rytra

Rytr is a company that uses AI to help content writers generate ideas for their articles. The AI ​​tool automatically generates a list of content ideas based on the given topic. The process begins with the author giving RYTR a topic, such as “top 10 restaurants in Chicago.” Then they can choose to have the AI ​​create a new article or edit an article that has already been written. It then generates a list of content ideas based on the given topic and keywords.

The above section was written by Rytr himself. This AI tool lets you specify what you want to see an article about (or just a headline), and then you can choose English or Dutch to actually make it work. You notice a clear difference in how the author of this article usually writes, but especially if you are really stressed and need a text, then Rytr could help you. Especially since you can also set a tone. Useful, for example, if you are making a dummy website for someone and you still want to import texts that go out 100 times. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. It’s still more fun to come up with texts all by yourself, but it’s also very cool to see what artificial intelligence is capable of.

5. Namelix

Do you want to start a business, but have difficulty thinking about what it should be called or what the logo should look like? To get you thinking in a certain direction, you can use Namelix. For example, you can specify what you do, and based on that he will come up with name ideas and logos for you to choose from. This will help you if, for example, you want to indicate to a designer what you have in mind. At least that’s what many artificial intelligence tools are good at: not making the final product, but helping you along the way.

6. Let’s improve

It is always very difficult to make an image that is of poor quality that is still worth a little. You need to be very good at Photoshop if you want to do it yourself. Let’s Enhance helps people who are not so handy with Photoshop (or simply don’t have the tool): just free and online. It’s amazing what this artificial intelligence can do for you. You have to create an account for it and you get 10 images for free: after that you have to pay for it. But before then, you’ll know if you think it’s worth it. We do: It’s great to refresh an old image of a blog you once started, for example, now that the Internet can handle a little more.

Useful tools for artificial intelligence

Is your jaw dropped in amazement at what artificial intelligence can do? You can make your life a lot easier with it, especially when it comes to the first pass. Get creative with it and you have a great partner in AI. It sometimes helps you visualize what’s in your brain or even come up with a complete story that could never have come out of your brain. And Rytr didn’t write that.

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