These are the 8 singles going on the ‘Blind Married’ adventure

In September we can enjoy a brand new season of ‘Blind Married’. Four couples will bond, but we’ll find out as we go if they’re really made for each other. The couples get married on the same day in four different places, but unlike the previous editions, they celebrate together in one big wedding. What’s more, they are all on their honeymoon at the same resort…



– 29 years old, Hoboken (Antwerp)

– emergency nurse

– profile: spontaneous, sweet but adventurous, hardworking

Florence works as a nurse in the emergency department, drives MUG herself and is also a volunteer rescuer at the fire service. She looks fragile and very cute, but has power and spunk. She lives in a terraced house, which she has largely renovated herself, and loves backpacking adventures. Despite her smooth talk, she has a hard time approaching someone first. “Imagine if it goes well and lasts… that would be nice. I’m so ready too! I trust the experts and will do my best to make this happen. I’m so curious!”


– 29 years old, Lokeren (East Flanders)

– kindergarten teacher

– profile: sporty, open book, energetic, framilygirl

Jana was born and raised in Lokeren and lives in a new detached house with her 2 cats. Sport is a healthy addiction for her, and apart from sport, she finds her friends and family extremely important. Since she is single and shouldn’t be looking at anyone, she hangs out a lot. But she can also enjoy a quiet evening at home. Jana knows what she wants and comes across as strong-minded, but has a small heart. “My future will not only be my love, but also my best friend, to whom I can say anything, my partner in crime, with whom you can do the stupidest things first. I hope that soon I can show the spontaneous Jana, and that together we can make a nice story out of it.”


– 30 years, Aarschot (Flemish-Brabant)

– independent manager of a coffee and tea bar

– profile: framilygirl, Italy lover, enterprising, down to earth

Lien lives with her 3-year-old golden retriever ‘Balou’ in the house she inherited from her grandparents and renovated with her father. She is sporty, likes to travel and likes a bit of action: skydiving, bungee jumping… She dares to jump and does it. Her friends and family are very important to her. She is an only child and has a special bond with her father, who often helps out in the business. Her friends are almost all regulars, and this is what Lien dreams of: a warm nest. She has been single for 2 years after a relationship of half a year. “I hope my future match will be a dog friend and a sweet, hard worker who has a good relationship with his family. I can’t wait to start this adventure!”



– 27 years old, Ghent (East Flanders)

– Biology and English teacher in 2nd grade and tour guide

– profile: energetic, empathetic, social, adventurous, sporty

Brecht is an energetic and sporty Gentenaar. He cohabits and lives with a childhood friend in a rented apartment. He has anything but a sedentary hole and often fills his agenda from Monday to Sunday. As long as he can be busy. Brecht has not yet had a really serious relationship, but he really longs for one. «I will be really happy with the experiment when, when we are old, we look back on the whole process with my partner and can think: ‘Wow, we did that well! Look at us sitting here now…’ I’ve already done a lot of exciting things, but this is really next level!”


– 28 years old, Yellow (Antwerp)

– emergency nurse

– profile: sporty, driven, adventurous but quite calm

Christiaan comes from Kempen and lives alone in his own apartment in Geel. He does not receive many people there because he would rather meet with friends online to play games or go to a cafe or restaurant. He is also definitely sporty: he trains 3 to 4 times a week. He also has a very special hobby: He collects perfume and now owns around 80 bottles. Christiaan has not yet had a long-term relationship. “On a relational level, I’ve never had the best examples, which makes me a bit insecure. But now it’s serious, it’s serious. I only want to get married once and I want to do it right. I hope with all my heart , that I can make it happen.”


– 29 years old, Antwerp

– Senior research manager

– profile: empathetic, calm, sporty, traveller

Dziubi comes from Limburg and now lives in the center of Antwerp in his own apartment. He is ambitious and gets his energy from meeting friends and family and from sports such as tennis, running and fitness. He likes to travel and read, and music is also very important to him. His longest relationship lasted nine months, he had a series of short relationships afterwards but never lived with anyone. «You live so much towards the moment, there is still so much ignorance and so many questions and stimuli… It is indescribable how I feel. There are few moments in my life that can match this feeling of nervousness. I love to travel and hope that I will not only be able to discover my partner but also the world together.”


– 35 years old, Malle (Antwerp)

– Inspector at the Federal Road Police

– profile: gentle, charming, adventurous, reliable

His hard and hard work is in stark contrast to who Jiri is. He is very approachable, gentle and friendly and has a great capacity for empathy. He is an emotional person who always sees the good in others and is always ready for friends and family. He now lives alone in his self-built house in the countryside in Malle, where he enjoys walks and excursions in nature. Jiri likes to travel and goes out with his backpack to be surprised by the moment. He has been single for a year and a half after a 17-year relationship. “I like to work, but I’d rather live and I want to enjoy the moments that are now and not get too far ahead. Considering my previous long relationship, I don’t have much dating experience and I like to leave my fate in the hands of the experts. Because when I commit to something, it is with full conviction.”


– 36 years old, Lennik (Flemish-Brabant)

– Field Sales Manager

– profile: framilyman, bon vivant, ambitious, emotional person

Joren is a flexible and ambitious man. He loves his godchildren Mona and Victoria and is a true Burgundian who enjoys good food and wine. In his man cave, he keeps the good bottles for precious moments with his best friends. Joren lives in the heart of Lennik in his grandparents’ house, which he had completely renovated. He likes to be around people and very sociable, but he has a small heart. After a relationship of one and a half years, he has now been single for 2.5 years. “I’ve already enjoyed life and made a career and now I’m ready for the next step. I’ve never been the biggest dater and I’m not the type to just approach anyone. But I hope I can taste life with my partner like a good bottle of wine… and they only get better with age.”

The new season of ‘Blind Married’ can be seen on VTM from September.

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