Back to school ! Are your children’s devices well protected?

Back to school is often a celebration for children. It’s a new start, we wipe the slate clean and start full of courage. We want to prepare ourselves as well as possible so that our children also succeed without problems.

The preparations should not only include the purchase of school supplies and books. Today, digital security and privacy has become a very important part of it. Sometimes we forget, but back to school opens the door wide open for phishing, ransomware and other scams that threaten us and our children.
Prepare well
You should be on the lookout for more threats: phishing scams or ransomware attacks as mentioned above. Be very aware of the most common back-to-school scams such as scholarships, tech support, etc. Using the tips below, you will prevent them and get you started on cyber security for the new school year.

Done something? · Do not click on unknown links or open suspicious emails
· Avoid sharing personal information
· Keep your operating system (OS) up to date
· Never use unknown portable devices: USB sticks, smartphones, other people
. Watch out for grammar mistakes/common logins
. Use a strong password and don’t leave your device unlocked or unattended
. Back up your data regularly
. Please contact your school or university about their privacy and security policies
· If you are a parent, invest in effective parental controls.

Protect your mobile device
Whether you are a parent, teacher or child, your smartphone is a powerful tool. It’s a great way to keep in touch, keep up with homework and other school activities. But it is also a tool that allows malicious actors to invade your privacy and security. Keeping him safe is therefore one of the most important elements for a smooth transition and a safe return to school.
A good way to do this is to use ESET Mobile Security on your Android mobile devices. This solution protects you from a wide range of mobile threats while protecting the data these devices contain.
ESET Mobile Security provides a secure environment by extending it with its Anti-Phishing feature. It integrates with the most common web browsers (Chrome and many more) available on Android devices to protect all your online activities. We recommend that you always leave Anti-Phishing enabled. All malicious websites listed in ESET’s malware and phishing database will be blocked and an alert will be issued to notify you of an attack attempt.
Other features of ESET Mobile Security include:
Antivirus – malware protection: intercepts threats and removes them from your device
Payment security – allows you to shop and bank securely online
· App Lock – requires additional authentication to access sensitive apps; protects content when you share a device
Anti-theft – a powerful feature to protect and find your phone if it gets lost
Network Inspector – scans your network and all connected devices to identify security vulnerabilities
Call screening – blocks calls from entered numbers, contacts and unknown numbers
Adware detector – identifies and removes apps that display unsolicited ads
· Real-time scanning – scans all files and apps for malware
Scheduled Scans – checks your device every time you charge it or whenever you want
Security audit – check app permissions
Security report – provides an overview of your device’s security
· USB scan on the go – scans all connected USB devices for threats
Protect up to 5 devices – protect 5 devices connected to the same Google Account with one payment

The most powerful tool
If we want to keep our children safe in the digital world, information is the most powerful tool. We need to talk to them about the healthy use of digital technology and the threats they may face, and have regular conversations about privacy, security and good online behaviour. Make sure your kids feel comfortable talking to you about anything that makes them uncomfortable in the digital world.
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ESET Mobile Security not only makes your Android phones and devices easier to find and harder to steal, it also helps protect your valuable data.
If you want to protect your phone with ESET Mobile Security, now is the time! From August 25 to September 7, the premium version of ESET Mobile Security is sold at a 50% discount. No promo code needed, the discount is automatically added to your cart! Nothing easier.

For more than 30 years, ESET® has developed advanced IT security software and services to protect businesses, critical infrastructure and consumers worldwide from increasingly sophisticated digital threats. From endpoint and mobile security to endpoint detection and response, encryption and multi-factor authentication, ESET’s powerful, easy-to-use solutions protect and monitor discreetly 24/7. They update defenses in real time to protect users and businesses continuously.
Constantly evolving threats require a scalable IT security provider so that technology can be used securely. This is supported by ESET’s R&D centers around the world. These are committed to supporting our shared future.
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