Best wireless headphones with ANC for less than 100 euros (2022)

When the schools open again, you’d better brace yourself for trips on the bus or train. The ideal companion on the road is a pair of wireless Active Noise Canceling (ANC) headphones. These are our favorite headphones with ANC that cost less than $100.

The best cheap wireless headphones with ANC – OnePlus Buds Z2

The OnePlus Buds Z2 left an excellent impression on the editors, and you can read about it in our extensive review. The headphones sound good and have the same sound driver as the more expensive Pro version. Moreover, the ANC is also doing its job well and the transparency mode is also an added value. You can temporarily hear what others are saying to you without having to remove the earplugs. Furthermore, the excellent microphones ensure that you can also be heard clearly during calls.

Another plus of the Buds Z2 is the battery life of 38 hours without ANC or 27 hours with the function active. OnePlus also supplies its earphones with a very good companion app called HeyMelody. You can use it to update the headphones’ firmware and see the battery status. You can also adjust the movements for the operation yourself as desired. And these gestures work very effectively with these headphones.

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Wearing comfort and Fast Pair

Also interesting is the fit test from OnePlus, with which you can check whether the ears fit correctly. OnePlus supplies the Buds Z2 with three different sizes of silicone earbuds. With the right fit, you can use the earphones for a long time without irritating them.

One final trick is support for Google Fast Pair. You can pair the Buds Z2 with your devices with the push of a button without using the bluetooth settings. The biggest downside that we can think of is that the design of the Buds Z2 isn’t very special. The ears are too strong on Apple’s AirPods.

Buy OnePlus Buds Z2

The OnePlus Buds Z2 are on sale in Pearl White and Obsidian Black, and they cost 99 euros.

OnePlus Buds Z2

The OnePlus Buds Z2 are available wireless headphones that work with active noise reduction (ANC) to avoid disturbing backgrounds.
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With Enco free 2 OPPO has released a pair of affordable earphones with ANC. ANC is adapted to the structure of the ear canal. Furthermore, the earphones can also test your hearing, after which the sound is adjusted in size, and it is also interesting that you can take a picture with an OPPO smartphone from a distance using these earphones. Still, it can be said that unlike other Enco earphones, the Enco Free 2 has a rather generic design. And the battery life of 20 hours with ANC active is not special either.

Best wireless headphones with ANC for less than 100 euros (2022)
OPPO Enco Free 2

That Huawei FreeBuds 4 is a good alternative for those who are not fans of a traditional in-ear design. Huawei calls the FreeBuds 4 semi in-ear because they are only partially in the ear, without silicone ear tips. This means that the headphones may not be equally comfortable for everyone, but at the same time the design provides excellent noise reduction: Partly active, but also passive. These Huawei earphones also sound great and they have a nice design. Discover our review here.

Best wireless headphones with ANC for less than 100 euros (2022)
Huawei FreeBuds 4

Last year No penny (1) surprise us with its beautiful transparent design, the beautiful case and the very good sound. Nothing Ear (1) is an eye-catcher, although it may not be a feature that all users are looking for. In addition, ANC also performs well in this price range. The main disadvantages of the ear (1) are the limited options for gesture control and 24-hour battery life with ANC active. This is our review of Nothing Ear (1).

Best wireless headphones with ANC for less than 100 euros (2022)

Which headphones from this list do you find interesting? There are of course many more powerful options, and therefore we would like to hear if you have any more tips for headphones in this price range. Tell us in the comments.

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Best wireless headphones with ANC for less than 100 euros (2022)

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